Cairo is a amazing looking city other known as the capital

Grab a bite in Cairo

Explore your way into tasty foods in Cairo. One of the very common foods that is mainly used as a spread/dip is called Tanina. It is made with sesame seeds. Chick peas and lemon juice mixed with garlic all put together makes hummus. Another sauce is babagagnoush, to make it you mix eggplant and sesame seeds. Did you know people in Cairo eat more then 5 meals a day? So there you have it Cairo has amazing foods.

Cairos Past

In Cairo its more then just being a desert. Their religion is Islamic but can you go and have a different religion. Mixed with Islamic they also have some Christianity. In Cairo their holidays are before and some are after. For example: their Christmas is January 7th.The women's dress is a really big part of their religious concern.What that means is that Cairo's religion is a really big part in their everyday lives.

Egypt's Central Land

Is there some things you can't do where you live, well you can do those things in Cairo. You could get a private tour of the Pyramid Djoser. Also if you want to really see something cool visit the Cairo Tower. If you want to go see sites but its raining you could go visit the Egyptian Museum. If I were to go I would visit these sites but on different days.

Cairo's Landmarks

Cairo has a land that is really amazing but no one thinks about their land that way. Their land makes a wonderful shelter especially their temples.They make a playful habitat for some of their animals. Their fantastic shelter helps them stay cool form the desert's heat. Inside these temples there are large groups of bats clinging onto the walls and roof's. Some of the other species prefer Cairo's wet lands. Some of Cairo's amazing looking landmarks are perfect homes for animals.

Cairo's Communication

No one cares what language you speak. The national language in Cairo is Arabic. More than 120 people speak Arabic in Cairo. Their language uses 28 symbols from left to right. Some people say that the symbols are attractive. So now you have learned about Cairo's language.

Weather In Cairo

Cairo has weather similar to our weather but not fully. Their weather is mostly warm. Some people say some days are like desert weather. If I were to visit I would go any time of the year. You should pack lots of shorts, short sleeve shirts, 1 jacket and 2 pairs of jeans for cold days. Now you have found out about the beautiful land Cairo.