Joe Armato

Real Estate Development and Investment

Successful Property Developer

Joe Armato has built an empire out of his company, Nationwide Contracting and Consulting, Inc. by gaining the trust of his clients. He does this with his sparkling reputation as a highly successful public adjuster, contractor, and real estate broker. His deals have been mostly successful over the years, making him and his associates a fortune over Armato’s 27 years in the business.

Joe Armato - Supporter of SafeDriver

Joe Armato is the founder and owner of Nationwide Contracting and Consulting, Inc. He has been the man behind the wheel of this distinguished New York institution for over 27 years. His success over the years is due to his willingness to help people through their toughest times. As an insurance adjuster, he has helped many people rebuild after fires and other property damage.

As a real estate investor and broker, he has helped push through deals that give the affluent in New York City realize their dreams of property ownership. He has been solving property problems for thousands of customers with his thoughtful and comprehensive approach to contracting and construction solutions. He says that he always tries to contribute to worthy charities around the New York area and internationally.

SafeDriver is one of those worthy charitable causes that Joe Armato loves to support. As the name implies, the program gives teenaged drivers with the resources they need to learn safe driving habits and methods. SafeDriver is run by the National Auto Sports Association, which Armato joined some years ago.

Armato loves cars, and he knows the risks the inexperienced and unskilled drivers pose to everyone on the road. The more safe drivers there are, the safer all of the roads become for everyone. The best way to develop safe driving habits, as Joe Armato knows, is to start practicing early with experienced support. The instructors at SafeDriver have long years of experience and know how to drive safe and how to relate important information about safe driving to teens.

Joe Armato Contributes to the Fresh Air Fund

Joe Armato contributes to the Fresh Air Fund because he knows how important it can be to get out of the city once in a while, especially in the summer, when the heat and humidity can be unbearable. Armato thinks that too many families suffer through summers marked by a lack of decent child care, no money for vacations, and no plans for summer camp. Armato knows that children are the most vulnerable to the affects of poverty and economic circumstance. This is especially pronounced in many families during the summer. The Fresh Air Fund organizes free trips out of the city to the country for children in disadvantaged families. Armato empathizes with parents who simply don’t have time between work and other responsibilities to watch their children during the summer when school is not in session. Unsupervised children are easier to recruit into gangs and find themselves involved in crime at a much higher rate than children whose parents can arrange daycare or some kind of organized summer program for them. This is why Joe Armato contributes to and promotes the Fresh Air Fund whenever possible.

Joe Armato has made a career out of giving back to the community. He has worked with countless satisfied clients over his 27 years of experience as the president of his own company, Nationwide Consulting and Contracting. From helping families rebuild their property after fires and other catastrophes to prospecting for new real estate development deals, Armato has contributed much to the business community over the years. By supporting immensely beneficial programs such as the Fresh Air Fund, he can contribute to his community in a different way.
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Joe Armato - Longtime Consultant and Contractor Also Humanitarian

Joe Armato knows from his 27 years in the real estate market that he has to wear many different hats at different times. Sometimes he has to be a consultant, offering advice to clients. Sometimes he has to be a contractor—getting a construction job done for a client. Throughout his long career in New York City as the founder and owner of Nationwide Consultants and Contractors, Armato has recognized the necessity for being multitalented. Armato has, in recent years, expanded his talents to philanthropy, donating large portions of his considerable fortune to many charitable causes in many different countries and communities, as well as different sectors. He only consorts with charitable organizations that he believes in and that he thinks will be able to do some ‘good on the ground,” as he likes to say.

Joe Armato
has recently been deeply involved with a humanitarian effort known as Smile Train. Smile Train provides medical treatment to individuals in developing countries who have been born with lip or palate clefts. In the United States, clefts are easily dealt with most of the time because of our easy access to comprehensive pediatric care and the prevalence of clinics and medical professionals who can perform the necessary procedures to rid people from this disfiguring and sometimes debilitating birth defect.

For many of the extremely poor people in the Third World, medical care for clefts is not available. There is no cure for them, says Joe Armato. Smile Train tries to provide the medical care these people need in order to cure them of their clefts.
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