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Last Week of The Quarter!

This week your student has no new assignments. Their only focus should be completing U8, if they haven't already, and finishing up any "stray" assignments. All assignments in U5-8 must be completed by Friday, May 13th. Any incomplete assignments will receive a grade of zero that can't be made up. Also, your student must attend a Final Exam RLC. They can either attend this week or next week (May 16-20th). This RLC is really important because they will review the grammar they will need to know for the Final Exam and also learn tips for completing the project successfully. I want to stress the importance of completing the Final Unit projects. We have two this quarter (U5/6 and U7/8) and I still have students who have not completed either one. I know that completing these projects requires hard work and thought, but they give your student the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency with the grammar they are learning. They also get to learn how to use a web 2.0 tool such as prezi or glogster which they will need to use for the Final Exam project. Please encourage your student to complete at least one of these projects before the end of the quarter.

Sra. Blachy's Final Exam RLC

Thursday, May 12th, 5pm

This is an online event.

Other FE RLCs this week:
  • 5/10 @ 4:30 pm-Sra. Pastorius
  • 5/13 @ 6:00 pm- Sr. Martin
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Please ask your student to see their grades. Above is a picture of what you should look for in the grade book. Make sure you are looking at the correct column (it is circled above). Please do not look at the "Course Total" column because that grade is not accurate. Let me know if you have any questions about your student's grade.

Contact Sra. Blachy

Please use the link to my doodle page if you wish to schedule a phone conference with me to discuss your student's progress.