Jordan's News Clip

By: Jordan Hegwood


Have you heard about the robbery on 1972 west Colubey Street in Ohio? Well if you have not today right now we are going to tell you all about this event and every fact we have starting now.

There was a woman named Sae young who was working at her dry cleaning shop minding her own business, while attending her dry cleaning shop. When a man walked in wearing a black hoody covering his face with a coat in his hand. Ms. Young thought he had came in to get his coat dry cleaned. All of a sudden the man pulls out a gun from underneath his coat and started telling Ms. Young to give him all of her money. Ms. Young was terrifed and could not understand what he was saying and what was going on.

The unnamed man with a covered face went around the counter pushing Ms. Young into a corner and he started punching and kicking Ms. Young over and over again. Next he stole all the money that was in the register and quickly ran out of the shop trying to not be seen. After this took place Ms. Young stayed on the floor scared for her life. Finally she picked up the phone and the called the authorities.

You would think the robber would have striked at night to make sure he was not seen at all but this robbery happened in plain sight during the day. To this very day we have reason to believe the police still have not found this robber! Today we have talked to Ms. Young and she told us after all of this happened she did not leave her house for a whole year. she also said the shop is still open and that she has now gotten security cameras to protect her dry cleaner shop.

We hoped you enjoyed the story. Thank you for reading goodbye

Flipped Book Review

The book I choose to do a book review on is Flipped. Flipped is about a girl named Juli and a boy named Bryce. In the beginning Juli really likes Bryce but by the end of the book......lets just say the felling's have Flipped.

The author of Flipped is Wendelin Van Draanen. She is a very great author who has also enjoyed other jobs including forklift driving, high school teacher but since then now loves a life of full time writing. She is also the author of another book named Sammy Keyes mystery series. Wendelin has won a best children mystery award for her great mystery books.

In my opinion I loved this book. I think that the only part that was irrelevant is when she added the part about Champ the dog. There was no reason for this part, beside that I think there was not a lot of things done wrong is was a great book. I would give this book a 4 1/2 out of 5. this book I felt was a work of art.

I hope you enjoyed reading this book review this is only for the entertainment and to inform thank you for reading goodbye.


Tuesday, Jan. 9th 2007 at 7:45am-11:45pm

Top of the Hill Farms, Glenn Heights, TX, United States

Glenn Heights, TX

EVENT: The Sycamore tree is being cut down

LOCATION: the top of the hill next to the bus stop

*the hill is surronded by trees

* the tree is a very old tree and needs to be saved

*Note: there is no need to RSVP to this event, it is occuring now!

* the event is being hosted by Juil Baker there is no time for contact but if you have any question please call or email at (214)498-1014 or


4224 gibb street cleavland, ohio 75287

7237 lovers lane

Earle, Arkansas 72331

January 13,2015

Dear Jimmy Fallon,

Hey, Jimmy, long time no talk. I see you on T.V making your own show. I think you should have me on your show. You should have me because of what I did today. Today I solved a big problem. The problem was that where I live there is a lot with a ton of garbage that needs to be removed. I called the Health Department and no one would take me serious, I decided to march right up to the Health Department with a bag of trash and talk to them in person. I'm sure I got their attention! I think being on your show would show people that they should be brave. I love your show and I really hope you receive this letter. I also hope you agree with this letter and decide to have me on your show

yours truly,




Funny, crazy, pretty, awesome

Who loves purple and Miranda sings

Who hates ranch on pizza, loves playing volleyball, and hates annoying people

Catherine's afraid od falling, afraid of getting hurt, and afraid of bugs

Who won 1st place in a volleyball tournament

Catherine wants to go to Paris and go to the best college possible

Born in Texas, lives in Plano


My Cinquains


Planting, grieving, hiding

Connecting with her father



Curious, suspicious

Caring, wondering, watching

Cares about her neighborhood



Realization, helpful

Cleaning, watering, helping

Really likes helping Ana