The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Closest This World has Been to a Nuclear World War III


The Cuban Missile Crisis started in 1962 when Russia was mad at the US because the year before (1961) the US had missiles over in Turkey and Italy and was threatening Russia with them. So in 1962 Russia brought missiles over and built nuclear launch sites on Cuba to blow the US with. But, a couple days into Russia's progress, the US had U-2s flying over Cuba and on of them took a few pictures and in the pictures the US saw Russia's nuclear launch sites and reported them back to JFK, the president at the time. As soon as he saw the photos he made an announcement to the citizens and told them what was happening and to be safe. He also stopped all rocket fuel shipments to Cuba, set up blockades in the Carribbean Sea, prepared for war and if Russia dared fire one missile at the US or anyone in general he would continue what Russia started, World War III. But, the blockade helped. Because, Russia's invasion was supposed to be secret, when the US stopped a Russian ship that was carrying non military cargo and asked them if they were carrying anything to do with nuclear missiles. They said no, let the US investigate their ship, and passed on. Then they carried their info on to Nikita Khruschev. Hearing that Khruschev knew that the US knew about them so he held up the white flag and took all their stuff back to Russia and them with them. So finally the fifty hours of fright of being blown to bits was over and every thing was back to normal but this crisis was always to be remembered.
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The differences between Russia and the US today are very different from back then. Back then Russia (at the time U.S.S.R.) and the US were enemies. So, that is why the Cuban Missile Crisis happened, because the US and Russia were enemies. But compared to now, 2015, the US and Russia are actually quite friendly, so we don't fight anymore. Also the weapons technology we used was a lot less powerful and sophisticated as it is now. So, those are the differences on the Cuban Missile Crisis.


The similarities to the Cuban Missile Crisis and now are, that we did use the same types of weapons to back then, like nuclear missiles and what not. Also we still have wars today. The world isn't perfect and probably never will be. But the countries and gangs that we fight today are different than1962. Yes we still fight and still need to protect our country and all our civilians. So, those are the similarities to now and back in 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Commander in Chief - Cuban Missile Crisis