Welcome To India

By Christopher Mendez


Have you ever been to Disney and had a marvelous trip there, well you will have a great day at the Deccan Plateau. Do you know what a Plateau is? Well I will give you the definition of it. A plateau is an area of high level ground. Have you ever wondered why they call India the Indian Subcontinent ? A subcontinent is geographically separated from the rest of the continent separated from the rest of the continent by the mountains to the north and the ocean to the south. Now you know a little bit geography about India.

Unique Animals

Ancient Ruins


Some people in India loved to play soccer which is my favorite sport. If you like soccer then you can get a challenge at India. People who play soccer in India are good at it. Cricket is a very popular sport in India. Cricket is kind of like baseball with a soccer field. You can ask if they can teach you how to play.
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5 Travel Tips

1. Pick the perfect route you don't want to get lost.

2.Slow down if you are hiking in tall mountains,they are very high.

3.Escape the crowds they might bump into you, there are many people in India.

4. Stay healthy, no one wants to get ill especially if your on a trip, avoid dodgy tum and never drink tap water, avoid ice cream and salads before you get into a big feast.

5 Keep your cool, explore the beauty of India like towers or paintings.