Perseverance Post

See how Jackie Robinson persevered through racism.

Chronological time line of his career

Jack was born in Cairo GA and played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. 1946 is when he played his very first MLB game. 1949 is when he was awarded the MVP of the year.


See how 33 miners were trapped in the San José mine.

this is how they showed perseverance. And the Great leadership. Their motivational speaker is one of the many who made one word forbidden "cannibalism". Their perseverance was inspiring on how they were stuck for 69 days in a mine, and all survived the tragedy.

Winston Churchill

He had to persevere through tough times when the British fought against the German Nazis. The British were poorly armed with weapons and artillery. He had to face the deaths of his soldiers in POW camps. He gave speeches that brought his country together. He kept his faith and bravery.

Newsletter by: Chase Hayes