English 1 9th Grade Syllabus

Welcome to Mrs. A. Smith's Class


Hello students, parents, and guardians, I am Ms. Ackley Smith a proud graduate of Nova Southeastern University.

My goals include fostering a safe and enriched learning environment for all students and ensuring students achieve excellence in English, a core course required for graduation. I will endeavor to nurture students in embracing the course of study and to develop their passion for the English language.

“The purpose of Jones High School is to ensure that each student has access to and is empowered to utilize the resources and experiences we provide to maximize their personal potential”

I look forward to meeting you all and anticipate a wonderful academic year.

"At Jones High School excellence is the expectation for EVERY STUDENT"

Language is fundamental to learning, thinking and communicating, thus it is the foundation on which this course’s curriculum is built. Literature is the best route for exploring the power of language, and through reading a variety of literature and informational texts and exploring reactions to that literature, students will develop a proficiency in language that will serve them well throughout their lives. Literacy within the English and reading courses is academically rigorous and equips students with the communication skills that will enhance their study of other course subjects. The course challenges students to explore interdisciplinary essential questions, learning goals and academic vocabulary. This course embraces the four fundamental concepts of English language and literature through reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Ø Quarter 1

ü Culture and Identity – What makes us who we are?

ü Novel: The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

Ø Quarter 2

ü The Choices We Make – How do our choices influence positive or negative consequences?

ü Novel: Pending

Ø Quarter 3

ü Lasting Legacies – How I learn from others?

ü Novel – To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Ø Quarter 4

ü Shades of Harlem – How can unity promote consciousness within a community?

ü NovelTheir Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston


* OCPS Laptop - (ALWAYS bring a fully charged laptop to class.)

* Laptop Charger - (ALWAYS take you laptop charger to school. Ensure you charge laptop at nights. Also, laptop must NOT be used as a charging station for your cell phone!)

* Writing Instrument

* Loose Notebook Paper


Please turn OFF (not vibrate) all cell phones before entering the classroom. Cell phones will only be used by students at the request of the teacher. DO NOT plan to use your phone as a calculator. Do not wear ear buds in class unless given permission for an assignment. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.


Your academic grade for this class is based on your performance in the following areas and is computed using a weighted system.


A - 90 to 100%

B - 80 to 89%

C - 70 to 79%

D - 60 to 69%

F - below 60%



  • All assignments must be typewritten or written in pencil or standard black ink. Your first and last name, date and assignment title must be on your paper.
  • Papers must NOT be wrinkled, torn, have stains, or rough edges. Any assignments that do not meet the standards may not be accepted,may be discarded, and may receive a reduction of points.
  • No extra copies of any assignments will be made. Copies will be available for you to print on Google Classroom.
  • All assignments with the exception of tests will be returned via personal folders. Check your folder daily for returned/missed assignments.
  • You are STRONGLY advised to keep every graded assignment for review and assurance that no mistakes were made in recording.


Bell work, Exit slips and Announcements will be given via Edmodo.

All other assignments will be turned in via Google Classroom.


All assignments not turned in on time will receive a zero (0). Missing assignments due to an EXCUSED absence must be made up in three days and will receive 100% of the point earned. Late assignments may be turned in with a penalty of 10% per day up to 50%. NO WORK will be accepted 3 days prior to the end of the grading period.


Timed quizzes will be given at the end of each learning target. Most quizzes will be administered via Google classroom or Edmodo. All missed quizzes will receive a zero (0). Students who miss tests due to an EXCUSED absence must make arrangements for the make up quiz after school within 3 days. (No quiz make-ups will be allowed during class.) If you do not follow through, the zero will remain. Talking/communicating whileANY quizzes are still out will be considered cheating.


All missed test will receive a zero (0). Students who miss tests due to an EXCUSED absence must make arrangements for the make up test after school within 3 days. (No test make-ups will be allowed during class.) If you do not follow through, the zero will remain. Talking/communicating while ANY tests are still out will be considered cheating.

Any test can be retaken one time. Retakes are a different version but same content. There is a remedial assignment required to qualify for the retake.


1. Respect the learning and safety of others.

2. Act responsibly at al times.

3. Raise your hand to indicate you have something to say; then speak only after I

acknowledge you.

4. Remain seated unless you have permission to be out of your seat.

5. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

6. JHS upholds a NO CELL PHONE policy during learning. At all times, cell phones

should remain out of sight.




Jones High has gone digital this year! Each student will be given a laptop and a charger. We will use digital versions of textbooks. In our class, most of our work will be in a digital format and students will be required to create and maintain a digital notebook. Don't worry, we will walk you through this process and make sure they are set up for success! Learning is continuous and we will strive to grow each day on the learning curve, while embracing a digital learning community.



I encourage students to bring headphones to class; NOT to listen to music, but in the event we are watching videos independently.

Laptop Chargers:

Unfortunately, your laptops will not remain charged all day. You MUST charge laptops every night. Do NOT waste the battery charging your phone or using it for non-academic reasons during the school day. Failure to bring your charged laptop to class translates to you being unprepared for class.

Key Terms:

Ramp Up: Your laptop may be open.

Ramp Down: Please close your laptop to a 45* angle. Eyes on Me!


Attendance is absolutely mandatory. Due to the rapid pace of instruction, intense content, and group and class work students are strongly encouraged to not miss any days of class. Staying on top of class work, projects, and make-up work are imperative to complete the course successfully. You cannot miss class often and get an A.


All classwork, resources, and materials will be available on Edmodo or Google Drive; therefore, if students are absent, it is their responsibility to find out what material was discussed/covered in class and retrieve/complete the day’s assignment. Please do notinterrupt the learning process by asking me during class. You can also check Progress Book for missed assignments. If you need an explanation of your make-up work, see me at the end of class. If you missed notes while you were absent, please copy them from a friend or access the notes online.

Use your digital planners to keep up with assignments every day, every class. Digital Notebooks must be kept current & organized for all classes, as they will be graded regularly. Tests and projects will be given at the end of a unit to assess your knowledge gained about the unit. DAILY GRADES are vital to maintaining your GPA. Do your best on everything you do – everything we do will help you be successful on the final exams. Practice how you want to play in the game of life.


Homework assignments are given to help students further their success in all their classes. It will only HELP you in this class if you do the homework in its entirety! You cannot make an A in the class unless you do your homework. It is imperative that you download all necessary resources and materials in class, so that you may complete work at home, even if you do not have access to the Internet. Remember that all students have internet access while on campus.


As high school students, it is my expectation that you all will be monitoring your grades through Progress Book. Progress Book is a valuable tool and I encourage everyone to check it regularly, as it is the same program I use to record and calculate all your grades on a regular basis. Progress Book can also be used as a communication tool, allowing me to leave comments for students and parents to view. There will also be communication and grading opportunities via our Edmodo website.

I update grades on a weekly basis, and routinely post student grades and missing assignments on our Data Wall, using student ID numbers for anonymity. So, there is no excuse for students to be unaware of their current grades or which assignments they are missing.

Bathroom/Water Breaks:

This class will observe OCPS 10/10 Rule. Students are not allowed out the classroom within the first and last ten minutes of class time.

Students are permitted to use the bathroom during class changes only. Our class periods are only 52 minutes long; therefore, it is imperative we maximize on every minute. If there is an emergency, students may use the restroom during class. Students may NOT snack and drink in my class.

Electronic Devices:

Please abide by the school’s policy about electronics. In the event of an electronic device becomes a distraction, it will be given to the Discipline Office for a guardian or parent to pick up.


The daily routine of the class will include lecture - note-taking skills are vital for success. Students should review their notes nightly and expect reading outside of class on a daily basis. Frequent writing drills, homework, and individual analysis of various points of the literary works we will review are essential parts of the class. There will also be class discussions, debates, as well as group work and activities.

Review Sessions/Tutoring:

Prior to the EOC Exam, voluntary study sessions will be held regularly after school. (review) During these study sessions, we will review each unit covered thus far in the course, as well as take practice exams. I am also available for after school tutoring. A detailed schedule of available times will be posted in the classroom.

Classroom Expectations & Policies

Students will come to class on time and be prepared to start working immediately when the bell rings. This includes having all materials they need and sitting in their assigned seats.

Homework will be turned in at the beginning of class and late work will only be accepted for partial credit. (review)

Digital Binders will be graded on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, to ensure adequate completion and comprehension.

You are expected to be respectful to teachers, peers, and everyone, on time for class, and prepared for the day.


Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Consequences for breaking rules will be dealt with according to the following:

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Written warning and reduction in participation points
  3. After school detention
  4. Parent contact
  5. Dean's Office and Referral to Administrator

Severe Disruption: Automatic Referral

If any severe behavior should occur that is completely unacceptable and interferes with my rights as a teacher or the rights of other students, he/she will immediately be removed from the classroom; the standard consequence will not be adhered to in extreme case.