Week of May 9th-13th

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~ Shout out to the Sunshine Committee for organizing the STAAR Nacho Bar yesterday! It was a great treat! Thanks to everyone who brought items, so we could enjoy a nice treat from the stressful STAAR testing week!

~ Thank you to all of your for being flexible during testing. It's SO important to remember that schedules may be tweaked, lunch may not go as smoothly, and conferences may be different. We are all in it for the kids, and I appreciate each of your flexibility and understanding as we had to pull teachers and get subs in order for testing of groups to be possible.

~ If you have not met with me about summer school students (2-4), then make sure you get with me ASAP. I have already had the meeting with most of you and the parents, so I am planning on sending in that paperwork this week! Thanks for your diligence in getting those meetings scheduled, so we could get that taken care of!

~ Make sure you have turned in your summer PD plan for next year. For those of you who will be leaving Elkins next year, I will send that form to the principal of your incoming campus so she will have a copy as well. Make sure to get that form to me by the end of the week, if you have not already turned it in during your summative conference.

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~Many of you may have seen the article on Facebook featuring Vann ISD where they had graduating seniors come to elementary schools and walk the hallways in their cap and gowns. It was great for the seniors to go back to (possibly) their own elementary schools, and it was great for the elementary students to see the end goal. Well...we are lucky to get to have this take place!! Chisholm Trail HS is doing just that. So, on June 1st, around 1:45, we will have seniors enter our hallways and walk the halls in their caps and gowns. On that day, around 1:30, I will come over the announcements, and ask that students sit on the floor outside their classrooms. When the seniors get on campus, they will walk down each hallway (similar to how we used to do the character parade) and everyone can cheer. That will be KG specials time, so we will bypass that hallway, since they will not be in class during that time, but will be outside at the PRIDE Posse party. We will bring them inside by the gym, so those kids can see too. 5th grade is on a field trip, so if they're back, they will sit outside their rooms, but if not, we will still go down that hall to 4th grade and then they can turn around. This is the first year any of us have EVER done this, so it will probably be chaotic...but's the 2nd to last day of school!! :) Make sure to take pics!!

~ I know it's been crazy, so just a reminder... We will have our PRIDE Posse party for the last semester, on Wednesday, June 1st. Please let me know the number of students who will be attending from your grade level. This will work exactly like last time with the students participating during specials that day. We will have popcorn and bounce houses.

~ May is busy busy, but a lot of fun activities will be taking place. Please make sure to check the calendar below and let me know if you see something I have left off. I'm trying to make sure to get everything in, but I know sometimes I miss something!!

~ I haven't gotten the note out about the Vocabulary Parade yet, but it's on "to do" list for this week! Make sure to talk to your students about it. Shout out to 2nd grade who has A LOT of students earning their Vocab spirit sticks. Make sure to start submitting names, so students can earn their sticks for the key ring! You should see their faces when they come down to get them! They're always SO excited!!

~ Awards are all laid out by Diana's desk for you to come pick up. There are a variety of awards to choose from! Please remember that EACH student needs to receive some sort of award. It may be a certificate of completion, but we want every student to be recognized on awards day. If anyone is interested in getting together and work to come up with some fun decorations (along our pirate theme) for awards, let me know. I plan on painting another sign (similar to last year) that will serve as a good photo opp for parents to take pictures as well.

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Words of the Week

Our first annual VOCABULARY PARADE will take place on Friday, May 27th at 2:00. Below are some pictures from the parade last year at Eagle Mountain. Please share these with your students. I will also be creating a flyer to send home this week to parents/students! For those students who can't make anything at home, please feel free to allow them to make something at school during that last week. We all know they would love the opportunity to create something during class!

Just a reminder...turn in those Word Up Level Forms. We still have A LOT of spirit tags, and this is something we WILL continue next year. I know we have more students who are using our words!! Turn those in! I love announcing them on the announcements, and you should see the kids' faces when they receive them!! Thanks to those of you who stay on top of that and turn in the forms regularly.,

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Tuesday, May 17th:

Kindergarten Round-Up 3:30-6:30

Wednesday, May 18th:

Choir trip to NRH20

Employee of the Year Luncheon at HCTC (Kendra, Olga, Lilly, Kori, and Bobby)

Thursday, May 19th:

Kori off campus at DLT meeting

Come and Go Diaper Shower for Evelyn in lounge

Friday, May 20th:

Field Day for 2nd-5th Grade

Monday, May 23rd:

3rd Grade Field Trip

Tuesday, May 24th:

Kg & 1st grade along with Kori and Bobby off campus for LIINK Training

Wednesday, May 25th:

Kindergarten Awards: 8:00

1st Grade Awards: 9:15

2nd Grade Awards: 1:30

Thursday, May 26th:

Come and go shower for Laura Lee in the lounge

4th Grade Awards: 8:00

3rd Grade Awards: 9:15

PTA Meeting (with a surprise for teachers) @ 5:30

Friday, May 27th:

Field Day for Kg and 1st

5th Grade Fun Day (12:00-1:30)

Vocabulary Parade @ 2:00

Monday, May 30th:

No School- Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 31st:

Talent Show @ 8:15!

Wednesday, June 1st:

5th Grade Field Trip

PRIDE Posse Party (2nd Semester)- during specials times

Thursday, June 2nd:

5th Grade Awards- 9:00

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Release at 11:40

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