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Robotics Engineer

Is This the Job for You?

Are you someone that is creative? Or are you good with teamwork skills? Or do you just love robots? Then this is where you need to look.

Job Description

A robotics engineer invents robot toys, build animatronic equipment and special affects for amusement parks and the entertainment industry, and design robots to explore where humans cannot.

How this Job Affects Society

This job benifets society by entertaining people, helping us work, allowing robots to do stuff we can't do, and it makes life easier.

Jobs That Would Hire In This Field


To be a robotics engineer you need to have problem solving skills, mechanical aptitude, attention to detail, good teamwork skills, excellent oral and written skills, and most importantly, you need to have creativity.

Education Requirments

High School

In high school you will need to study the following classes: physics, chemistry, geometry, algebra, calculus (if available), computer science, and applied technology.

College/Additional Education

You will need at least a bachelor's degree in engineering. You could also have a master's degree or PhD (for some positions).