Gifted Reading & Social Studies

How will this class be different?

General Characteristics of Gifted Readers

Gifted readers often read earlier than the typical student and tend to read independently soon after teacher instruction. They tend to be better readers, requiring less drill for mastery of skills. Gifted readers can digest a large quantity of information about a topic of interest. In addition, because of their ability to understand the nuances of language, they can make connections and deal with abstract thinking. Gifted readers are skilled, flexible readers who read often monitor their reading independently and are able to use other strengths in response to the particular demands of a text.
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Accelerated Pace

Pace is related to the instructional practices and management within the classroom environment. For advanced learners, instructional pace is increased or accelerated by spending less time on developing background knowledge, offering fewer examples on how to do particular methods, and providing less teacher-led practice. Students are expected to develop independence more rapidly than in the regular classroom setting.

Increased Challenge through Complexity

Complexity is defined as the levels of thinking used by the students within the learning activities. For advanced learners, activities require them to use more sophisticated levels of higher order thinking (analysis, evaluation, and synthesis), creative thinking, critical reasoning, decision making, and problem solving.

Investigating topics in greater depth

Depth is related to the degrees to which a student explores the content and develops a greater understanding of the discipline. For advanced learners, the content offers greater abstractions of the concepts and connections to other content areas. Students will learn and use the principles (rules) and theories of the discipline.

Student Voice and Choice

Curriculum and Instruction that actively encourages students to pursue passions and areas of interest and allows students to accrue the attitudes and habits of self directed learners.
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Mrs Starrett, Mohawk Elementary School