Friday Focus

May 20, 2016

Inquiry Showcase @ Hotel Mead

Last night was our culminating event for our action research course in the district. Over 20 WRPS teachers, including five Howe staff members, presented their findings to over 50 guests at the Hotel Mead.
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Teacher researchers had 40 minutes to share their results from their action research. This approach to professional learning involves crafting a driving question, developing a plan of action, organizing data, and analyzing the results.
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Several community leaders, including WRPS board members and district administrators, learned about the teachers' explorations in their classrooms. This was a great opportunity to advocate for our students and our important work.
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This course was run out of UW-Madison and heavily subsidized by friends of public education, along with the Spotlight School grant. Teachers earned three free credits or DEUs for conducting classroom research, which included attending one class per month.
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A number of teachers expressed interest in taking this course again next year. The professors from UW-Madison and district leaders are discussing this possibility. Questions and inquiries can be direct to Kathi Stebbins. Congratulations to all of our researchers!



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Makerspace Relocation

Jean has elected to take Room 155 next year, currently our makerspace. The equipment and supplies for the makerspace are easy to relocate to another part of the building. If you have ideas or suggestions for what is possible, let me know before the school year is out.
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Know Your Howe Staff

Ker Thao is our ELL aide at Howe. He also serves as a noon aide here. Did you know that:

  • he has three children?
  • his wife works for Wood County?
  • he enjoys playing volleyball in his spare time?

Read Out/Book Fair

Friday, May 27th, 12-3:30pm

221 8th Street North

Wisconsin Rapids, WI