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Pennsylvania is a combination of two words Penn and Sylvania. Penn comes from William Penn the founder of the colony. Sylvania comes from the Latin word for woodland. King Charles II of England owed the dead father of William Penn, so to pay off the debt King Charles gave Penn a land grant. William Penn used this land to create a place where his fellow Quakers could practice without persecution.

Location, location, location

Pennsylvania is located on the east coast and consists of mountains, coastal plains, and plateau area. The climate is mild with a warm summer and a mild winter, and it also has good fertile soil. These conditions are perfect for agriculture. Pennsylvania has many natural resources that include iron, timber, coal, and furs. They exported agriculture products and manufactured goods made from iron.

Government, Religion, and Economy

Pennsylvania was a proprietary colony, which means that the King was still the ruler of the colony and that the colony was still subjected to British rule. The colony had a freedom of religion, and this meant that their was no specific religion of the colony. Pennsylvania's economy consisted of trade with England and the other colonies. They traded raw materials, agriculture products, and manufactured goods made from iron.

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