All about Jesus Godinez

Things that are important to me

Packers for the win

I think the packers are the best football team there really good hope they win the Super Bowl this year

Soccer team

I really love Real Madrid there my favorite team and always will be Cristino Ronaldo is awesome I think he better than messi

I love watching football

Every Sunday I always watch packers play and win and when I see the Vikings watch them play and lose each time packers

I love sports

I played soccer for 7 and still keep playing played different positions but I might quit because I got bored of it now when summer comes I trying out for football cause now I want to do that now I want to be WR,RB one of those two and I love other sports I don't want to played them

Video games

I play different video games like mostly shooting games I play this game called csgo is a steam game and I play it when I come from school there two teams terrorist and counter terrorist is really fun