Co-Teaching & Co-Learning in a 21st Century Classroom

What is a Technasium

The Technasium is an exciting meeting place in a highly versatile and technologically advanced room. The Technasium is a computer lab with 1:1 computer/student ratio, iPads, MacBooks, Chromebooks, multimedia specific computers, digital cameras, green screen studio, recording studio, printers, scanners, wifi, assistive technology and TV screens to display digital work and we are building a 3D printer from scratch in a new MakerSpace that we are designing.

Role of a Technasium Coach

A Technasium Coach assumes a leadership role within a school. The coach plans with the grade levels, subject teachers or individual teachers and makes recommendations on how technology can be integrated into programs. A focus on inquiry or project based learning will create an ideal opportunity to best decide how to integrate technology using the SAMR model.

The classroom teacher and the Technasium coach can Co-Teach during a scheduled visit to the Teachnasium. As a classroom teacher gains expertise in using technology and a gradual release of responsibility for that project will begin. Classroom teachers will be encouraged to use BYOD, iPad's and Netbooks to complete projects in their classroom.

Technasium values will promote 21st Century Learning Skills

  • Digital Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication/Problem Solving
  • Digital Citizenship (character education)
  • Digital Literacy
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Provide the digital skills for students to show their learning

Technasium Rational

How do teachers learn to use and integrate technology?

"I'm not really good with Technology"!

"Please show me"!

"I am so busy, I know I need to find the time to figure this out"!

"I would love to...... but computers never work for me"!

"We have so many problems it just isn't worth it"!

Teachers learn the same way students learn. They are given an opportunity to explore, investigate and create something while someone differentiates instruction based on their individual level of knowledge and learning style. A Technasium coach will create this opportunity.

Teachers would be less reluctant to try new things if an opportunity to have knowledgeable support, encouragement and sustained effort and enthusiasm of colleague would ensured success was attainable.

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The Technasium is open daily for students at 7:30am everyday.

Every lunch and after school (unless posted)

Classes are scheduled to come to the lab twice in our 6 day cycle and some staff will book co-teaching and co-learning times as well.