The Other Side of Football

What are the problems in football and what have they caused?


In this day there are many clubs in the world with a huge Financial backing. For example you have Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain who both have a huge Financial backing thanks to having rich owners. The problem with that is they have all the money in the world while other teams don't have as much which is a problem. Thanks to Financial Fair Play teams can not spend more than the revenue that they earn and it helps keep stability and it encourages teams to invest in youth. If teams don't follow the rules or fall in debt there are consequences such as not being able to compete in European Competitions.


In football there is also the sad thing known as corruption. It is when teams fix matches and already know who is going to win. This has affected major leagues in the past. One major case was in the Serie A in 2006. Where it was discovered that there was match fixing going on. The repercussions were unprecedented. Juventus which was the club that won the league in 2005, and 2006 had their two titles taken away and they were sent to the second division. Two other clubs named Lazio,and Fiorentina were also punished with relegation, while another club named AC Milan stayed in the first division but were deducted 15 points. Another scandal that was major happened in 1993 with a club named Marseille. They won the league but it was found that there was match fixing. Their owner bribed another team to lose so that they could prepare themselves for the final of the UEFA Champions League which they ended up winning. Marseille ended up getting stripped of the French Title and later got relegated over financial regularities. Also they were not able to defend to defend there UEFA Champions League title after getting thrown out of it. Corruption has influenced major leagues which is why it needs to get out of football.

Goal Line Technology

Another issue in football is being behind in technology. Right now in some places goal line technology is starting to be implemented, but not in all places. No goal line technology has affected major tournaments even the world cup. In the 2010 World Cup there was a moment where goal line technology would have been useful. In the round of 16 it was Germany vs England and Germany was winning 2-1. England had a shot and it went in but it was disallowed. If there was goal line technology at that time then the goal would be allowed and the game would have been 2-2. Instead it stayed 2-1 and the game finished 4-1. That is why goal line technology needs to be in the game because that way correct decisions will be made.

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