ACT Testing Strategies

Try your best

General Strategies

-Annotating is a strategy to help you pick out the main topics

-Guessing strategy is used to pick the possible answer

-Elimination strategy helps to eliminate the definite non answers

Math Strategies

-Highlighting strategy is highlighting important numbers and important directions

-Diving question is a strategy that is good for taking questions apart for a better understanding

-Underlining numbers is a good strategy because it gives you a visual of the main numbers you need to focus on

English Strategies

-Skim the entire passage before answering questions

-Pick out the main words of text

-Look at all possible solutions before proceeding

Science Strategies

-Read the whole passage

-Base your answers on the passage

-Answer questions by playing a matching game

Reading Strategies

-Pick main words

-Make sense of reading

-Reread the passage after reading a question