Green Arrow vs. Hawk eye

Compare and contrast

Green Arrow

Green Arrow used his vast fortune to create the weaponized payloads for his trick arrows. He later takes advantage of the technology available to the Justice League to customize his loads. He also preferred to use a customized longbow. His most loathed arrow: The Boxing Glove arrow, a mainstay during the happy years of the Silver Age stories.


Green Arrow created with a variety of his own experimental arrows and had a career as a lone hero before joining the Justice League. Unfortunately this career was unremarkable as a comic character existing for nearly 25 relatively uninteresting years.


  • Hawkeye has always had a big mouth and this has not helped people warm to him.

  • Wanting to be acknowledged as a meaningful and contributing member of the Avengers, he has always pushed himself to excel. Learning hand to hand from Captain America, while at the same time, being in Cap's face arguing all the time made for a challenging relationship.
  • Hawkeye has never trained another archer or sidekick, but he did eventually leave the Avengers and lead his own team, the West coast avengers and later the villains-turned-heroes, the Thunder-bolts.


Hawkeye started his costumed career as a villain sent to attack the Avengers. One year later he joins them. Loudmouthed, tempestuous, short-tempered; he was an instant success by comic hero standards.