Course Update - Feb. 4 Deadline

Update 2 for 18 Weekers/ Update 1 for 16 Weekers

Course Update - February 4 Deadline

Update 2 - 18 Weekers / Update 1 - 16 Weekers
When an update is sent, that indicates that the grades for that 2 weeks have been entered. Students should have finished all the work for that two weeks by the time that deadline occurs, and the Update is sent as indication of that finishing - or lack thereof.

18 Weekers - Topic - as seen above - La ropa - Clothing

The 18 weekers have been finishing their study of Comida - food and picking up the study of La Ropa - clothing. Their new grammar topic is the past tense called the Preterite - the tense that describes actions like "walked, ate, listened, ran," and others where we add "-ed" to the verb. 16 Weekers are following behind as they study food and those tricky verbs with changes in the middle of their "stems." Culture topics covered are that of the Spain's product of cork, the Sun Gate of Madrid -a plaza from which all roads originate, and a huge type of "flea market," known as El Rastro, where absolutely anything can be bought.

What are students expected to do in each module?

Students consistently have certain tasks and quizzes. Tasks are work to be done with resources. Quizzes and tests should be done without using any resources at all.
Here are the usual tasks: 1) Each module begins with a Vocabulary and Grammar Project. As long as the number of sentences and audio expectations are met as the target vocabulary is used in the project, students may present using such programs as PowerPoint, Voki, Animoto, Prezi, Word, or any similar media that will save as .doc, .docx, .ppt, .wma,. .mp3.,mp4. 2) Each module has a grammar practice 3) There will be either a writing or listening practice and 4) There will be a speaking practice.