BCA January Newsletter

The vision of the Collegiate Academy at Blackman High School is to create a challenging learning environment with a rigorous course of study where students can become well-rounded scholars who fulfill their potential as they transition from high school to post-secondary opportunities.

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Thursday, Feb. 8th, 6pm

BHS Cafeteria

The BCA Gallery Walk will be held in the BHS Cafeteria on Thursday, February 8th at 6:00 pm. This will be the last event that we will hold this season. All seniors must attend. All other grades will need to come if they have only attended one other event to meet the minimum requirements. Please contact Hollye Dabney at dabneyh@rcschools.net if you have any questions.

BCA Application Timeline for 17-18 for New Applicants

  • Applications are open- December 5th - January 12th
  • Interviews/Writing Sample- January 18th - February 6th
  • All letters will be mailed by February 16th.

Click here to apply. This is for new BCA applicants only.

BCA Interview Sign-Up

Current BCA students - We need your help with interviews! Please only sign up for 2 days to start with so everyone gets a chance to help. You can use the hours as volunteer hours for clubs such as National Honor Society and Key Club. Here is the sign up link:


Are you interested in participating in a parent organization for BCA?

Speaker Series: A Conversation with Mr. Alan Bolick on Jan. 18th during C&I

The January 2018 "Speaker Series: A Conversation With..." guest will be Mr. Alan Bolick, the President of the Tennessee Special Olympics. He is known as a Jack-of-All Trades and a specialist of none! He has worked diligently with the Tennessee Special Olympics. He is a Soccer referee, a snow skier, and an advocate of respect and Acceptance.

Rutherford Works High School Internship Program Applications Available Jan. 12th

The Rutherford Works High School Internship Program is a partnership with employers who offer students productive and meaningful work assignments with a learning component ideally related to their area of interest. The Internship Program will provide 60 rising seniors who reside in Rutherford County the opportunity to gain paid work experience with a Rutherford County employer.

Students will learn about and begin to develop 21st Century skills and competencies needed for success in the workplace. The duration of internship is 4 weeks or 64 working hours. In addition to gaining work experience, students will also receive 4 hours of pre-employment training and 16 hours of work based learning.

The 2018 High School Internship Program application will be available on Friday, January 12. Click here for more information.

Attendance Matters!

Attendance is important to every student's learning. Therefore, the state of Tennessee has included attendance on our accountability measurement. They are specifically looking at students who miss more than 10% of the days they are enrolled in the school. For example, if we are on day 70 of the school year, and a student has missed more than 7 days, he/she is on track to be chronically absent. This hurts the student and the school and the District, but mainly it hurts students to miss instruction. Therefore, we will be talking to students and parents with multiple absences. Please know that these conversations are intended to help students get the instruction that is so valuable.

BCA Field Trips to MTSU

Freshmen & Sophomores: Tuesday, March 13th

Juniors: Thursday, April 5th

More information to come!

**All field trips are mandatory.

Registration Timeline for the 2018-2019 School Year

January 22nd - February 27th

Counselors will meet with students individually during their English class to discuss their classes for next school year. We will begin with rising seniors and finish with rising sophomores. Students will bring home a packet of information with their teacher recommendations prior to meeting with their counselor. Students will be able to register online through INow at school after they meet with their counselor.

March 12th

Verification forms will be sent home. A parent override form is required to take a course beyond the teacher recommended level and must be signed in person at BHS. The deadline for parent overrides is March 16th.

March 16th

Signed verification forms with any changes are due to the counseling office. No changes will be made past this date.

BCA Courses

  • Freshmen: Honors English I, Honors Biology, and Honors World History or AP Human Geography (must be enrolled in at least 2)
  • Sophomores: Honors English II, Honors Integrated Math II or Honors Integrated Math III, and Honors Chemistry (must be enrolled in at least 2)
  • Juniors: Honors or AP English III, AP U.S. History or Dual Enrollment U.S. History, and Speech or Critical Thinking (These are recommendations but not required. Speech and critical thinking are highly recommended junior year before capstone.)
  • Seniors: Speech or Critical Thinking (if not already taken) and Capstone

Early Postsecondary Opportunities (EPSOS)

BHS offers the following EPSOS:

Advanced Placement

  • College-level high school courses offered multiple subjects
  • Nationally recognized exams
  • Post-secondary credit can be earned based on AP exam score
  • BHS offers: English Language, English Literature, U.S. History, European History, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, U.S. Government, Comparative Government, AP Psychology, Human Geography, World History, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics C, Physics I, Physics II, Art History, Studio Art: 2-D

Dual Enrollment

  • Post-secondary course taught at the post-secondary institution, high school, or online
  • Post-secondary credit can be earned by passing the course
  • BHS has partnered with MTSU's Dual Enrollment Program and currently offers: English 1010, English 1020, College Algebra 1710, Applied Statistics 1530, US History 1010, US History 1020, COMM 2200, Psychology, English 2020, Advanced Language and Calculus III

Industry Certification

  • Assessment by an independent certifying entity based on standards for knowledge, skills, and competencies
  • Office Management - Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Expert, Microsoft Officer Master
  • Nursing - CNA
  • Emergency Services - Emergency Medical Responder
  • Therapeutic Services - Emergency Medical Assistant
  • Culinary Arts - Serve Safe Food Manager for III/IV, Serve Safe Food Associate in I or II
  • Horticulture & Vet Science - Commercial Pesticide
  • Networking Systems - CompTIA IT Fundamentals, CompTIA A+, Cisco Certified Entry Network Tech, CompTIA Network +, Cisco Certified Network Associate

Statewide Dual Credit

  • High school course aligned to statewide post-secondary standards
  • Post-secondary credit can be earned based on challenge exam score

Local Dual Credit

  • High school course aligned to standards at local post-secondary institution
  • Post-secondary credit can be earned for the partnering institution based on challenge exam score

*Possible dual credit courses: Horticulture, Vet Science, A/V Production III, Teaching as a Profession, STEM IV, Court Systems


If your child is struggling in class, encourage them to get extra help during C&I, which is each day from 10:14-10:44. Also, the BHS National Honor Society students tutor during C&I in the library. Students can get a pass to go in the library from 7:45-8:25. Click here to access the BHS tutoring brochure.

ACT Dates

February 10th

April 14th

June 9th

Register online at actstudent.org. The Blackman High School code is 431636. Click here to view the ACT Toolkit provided by the TN Dept. of Education.

ACT Prep with Shmoop

Thanks to Rutherford County Schools, you now have access to Shmoop's premium resources. HERE'S HOW TO GET STARTED:

Congratulations to Griffin Collins on being selected as a recipient of the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship!!!

Congratulations, Mary Grace Mancuso!

Mary Grace Mancuso was selected to attend The Honors College at Lipscomb University for the 2018-2019 term.

At Lipscomb University, The Honors College will enhance your education with academics, cultural and entertainment experience in the great city of Nashville, enrolling you in core curriculum honors courses where you take the same hours as your peers, but focus your time in a little deeper study toward enveloping even stronger thinking and analytical skills.

Life Experience

Students must complete 40 hours of real-life experience in the area of his/her major. The experience must be approved by the faculty board. This experience can be completed any year but must be completed by April of the senior year. The experience may or may not be a part of the student’s senior research project. The experience should be meaningful and provide insight into the field of study the student is interested in. If you have already completed one of these classes in school please circle it on the form and write what year you took it.

· Blaze Bank

· Sketch it Up

· Blaze Bookstore

· The greenhouse

· IT Clinical classes

· Film/TV station work

· Supervised Agriculture Experience

· Culinary Café

· Health Sciences clinical

· Pre-school work

· Work based learning

· School fine arts performances

· Yearbook

· Newspaper


Students can come by Mrs. Noffsinger's room in D-1 to get a form or click here to access the form on the BCA website. Forms should be turned in to Mrs. Noffsinger in D-1 or put in her mailbox. Experiences to be completed next summer must be submitted no later than May 1, 2017. The application is due 30 days prior to the experience in order to be approved by the committee. All life experience hours must be complete by April of your senior year.

Report Extra-Curricular Activity Hours Online

Each Collegiate Academy member will be required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of extra-curricular activities per year. This can come from one activity or a combination of activities. Visit the Collegiate Academy website and click on the link to the right to report your extra-curricular activity hours. Fill out the form for each separate activity you complete and click submit. We will verify the hours each nine weeks with the club sponsor or coach. If you have any questions please email Mr. Green at greenk@rcschools.net.

AP & Dual Enrollment Courses

As we start looking to registration for next school year, we want you to know the AP and Dual Enrollment classes we currently offer.

AP Courses: English Language, English Literature, U.S. History, European History, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, U.S. Government, Comparative Government, AP Psychology, Human Geography, World History, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics C, Physics I, Physics II, Art History, Studio Art: 2-D

Dual Enrollment Courses through MTSU: English 1010, English 1020, College Algebra 1710, Applied Statistics 1530, US History 1010, US History 1020, COMM 2200, Psychology, Sociology, English 2020, Advanced Language and Calculus III, Spanish, Criminal Justice

Contact Form

Please fill out this form so we have your updated contact information: http://bit.ly/2wFXB5P.

Blackman Collegiate Academy Standards

Visit the BCA website for information on the following:

  • Blackman Collegiate Academy Academic Standards

  • Blackman Collegiate Academy Behavior Standards

  • Blackman Collegiate Academy Extra Curricular Standards

  • Blackman Collegiate Academy Events Attendance Standards

Do You Have News?

We want to know about your accomplishments! If you want to be featured in the BCA Newsletter, send information and pictures to Mrs. Clawson at clawsons@rcschools.net.

Do you have BCA questions? Here’s who to contact:

• Grants/Fund Raising - Mrs. Holder: holdera@rcschools.net

• Extra Curricular - Mr. Green: greenk@rcschools.net

• Life-Experience - Mrs. Noffsinger: noffsingerj@rcschools.net

• Research - Mrs. Jones: jonesre@rcschools.net

• Speaker Series - Mr. Seadorf: seadorfb@rcschools.net

• Academics - Mrs. Waite: waitej@rcschools.net

• Communications - Mrs. Clawson: clawsons@rcschools.net

• Events/recognition - Mrs. Dabney: dabneyh@rcschools.net

• Capstone - Mrs. Baumann: baumannk@rcschools.net

• Dual Enrollment - Mrs. Garrott: garrottk@rcschools.net

• Applying - Ms. Bryan: bryanc@rcschools.net

• General information - Mr. Reed: reedk@rcschools.net

Sign up for Remind by texting @3956bca to 81010