Book report #2: Keep Holding On

By: Kayla Velioniskis


Don't settle for less than who you are, or who you want to be.

Noelle is a 16 year old girl who gets bullied Dailey at her school. She is very poor and goes to go a school were everyone is rich and has a lot of money. She gets bullied or everything from what clothes she wears, how big her house is, or what she even brings to lunch. She is tired of going through it and she's trying to hold on. She only has one bestfriend and she goes through the same thing she does, so they relate on a lot together. One day noelle finds out her bestfriend has committed sucide. Now she only has hope in her boyfriend but it puts her through more because he doesn't want to make their relationship public, he wants to keep it private. After her bestfriend kills herself noelle realizes she needs to stand up for her self before It becomes too late.

All about the characters

Noelle: She is a 16 year old girl who's life is very messed up. She lives with a single mom and she doesn't have much money. She is lucky if she comes home and there is dinner on the table. She gets bullied by many people at school and she gets judged for almost everything she does or wears. She has a boyfriend mat but he wants to keep their relationship private.. She feels afraid and not sure what to do with her relationship. She finally starts to stand up for herself when her bestfriend commits sucide

Julian: is a boy who noelle has had a crush on, but she is dating someone else because she never thought Julian would be interested in her. He eventually starts to like her and always starts to flirt with her in their Spanish class they have together. He is very nervous to ask her out and when he asks her out on a date, she turns him down.

Conflict and Resolution

The conflict in the story is noelle is bullied a lot by almost everyone. She is dating this guy mat but also has a big crush on this Julian. She is torn between him and mat. Mat wants to keep their relationship private, she knows she would be better off with Julian but she's in love with mat.

The resolution is noelles bestfriend ends up killing herself and noelle realizes to stand up for what she believes in. Julian ends up asking her out on a date and she turns him down. She knows she would be better off with him. She knows she has had feeling for him forever but, he thinks he's too good for her.

Favorite quotes

*All I want to do is go home and cry now that I've lost the only person ever truly there for me.

* Sometimes I wonder if things would be different if my parents were married

* In my opinion all girls were born beautiful

* all I wanted to do was take the train home and get in bed and hide under the covers for the rest of the day

About the author

Susane Colasanti is one of the best selling authors when it comes to the books. When it happens, Take me there, waiting for you, keep holding on, so much closer, something like fate, and all I need. Her hometown is New Jesery. She was an outsider in high school and college, she always got picked on and didn't really fit in. She's always had a thing for astonomy, and she would take a telescope and look at the sky every night.. She also has a new book coming out in May 2013