Scientists of Tectonic Plate Theory

Famous scientist's theorys about plate tectonics

Abraham Ortelius-1517

He accelerated the movement away from ptolemaic geographical conceptions, and with out him coming up with the first atlases we wouldn't know where places where

James Hutton-1760's

James Hutton bieleved that the earth was perpetually biang formed, one of his examples that support his theory is "magma is forced into mountains, eroded, and then the sediments are washed away." He is the founder of modern geology because of all of the theories that made way for modern geology is also why he is important.

Alfred Wegener-1912

He thought that the world(continents) fit together somehow and long ago. Antlantic continents had fit and maps looked as if they had once bee fit together(similar fossils and rock types. He also helped us know that the world wasn't like the way it is now.

Harry Hess-1960

His theory, the sea-floor was spreading from vents in the rift, where hot magma oozed up. His evidence for his theory comes from his data that he has collected which helped support Wegener's theory about continental drift.

Dan McKenzie-1966

His knowledge of math, physics, thermodynamics, his analysis of the mantle, and his paper, "the viscosity of the lower mantle," which supports his theory there are two layers layers in the mantle, each of them in motion. His discovery is important because he gave Wegener the mechinism he needed to support his continental drift theory.