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October 29, 2021

Integrating Computer Science at the Elementary Schools

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Region 12 Schools have added a new enrichment program for our elementary students. Our teachers and students are engaging in playful Computer Science learning with consultant Betsy Minton. Students are exploring concepts such as computing systems, networks, data analysis, programming, and the impact of computing along with hands-on experiences with robots such as Bee-Bot, Dash and Dot, Botley, LEGO WeDo, and LEGO SPIKE Prime. The allure of these robots encourages our students to apply various concepts in mathematics and reinforces the skills they learned from resources such as, Scratch, and ScratchJr.

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In addition to creating computational artifacts through coding and robotics, students will learn to foster an inclusive computing culture, collaborate around computing, recognize and define computational problems, and communicate about computing. Fundamental programming skills will be taught such as learning to focus on the key problem or idea (abstraction), breaking down problems into smaller steps (decomposition), sequencing (algorithms, events, loops), and problem-solving (debugging).

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Engaging students in collaborative problem-solving activities with high-interest materials is a meaningful way of integrating a variety of skills and concepts in both mathematics and science while experiencing fun together.

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Berkshire League All Stars

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Congratulations to Eilish Foy and Emma Perun for earning All-Star medals

at the Berkshire League Cross Country Championships!!

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Congratulations to Shepaug Spartan Gavin Giroux

for achieving Berkshire League All-Star status in Golf!

To the National FFA Convention

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Shepaug FFA members head to the 2021 National FFA convention in Indianapolis, IN!

Hidden Valley Preserve

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Middle school students traveled to the Steep Rock Association for a great adventure in Washington's local park, the Hidden Valley Preserve. Students built forts, hiked trails, and enjoyed the great outdoors.

Senior Project Spotlight

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Connor Ross - Let's Talk About It

For my senior project, I have started a podcast aimed toward the goal of destigmatizing addiction to narcotics and alcohol. I had this idea because of how much I had been affected by addiction through my family, so I wanted to make a change for other people. I am aware that addiction is everywhere and I wanted to give families, friends, and anyone affected or struggling with addiction a chance to know that it gets better and that there is hope.

The podcast itself is called “Let's Talk about It” on Spotify by Connor Ross. Episodes include stories and interviews about addiction. In order to learn and grow from the issues created by chemical dependency, I believe this project has great value not only for those who are directly affected by addiction but also those who are not.

A link to Connor's podcast is available at the link below.

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Paris Afiouni - Stock Market Club

For Paris Afiouni’s senior project, he will be creating and fostering an investment club for students at Shepaug to explore the stock market. This club encompasses discussion of investing topics and physical trading. In the early stages of the club, students will explore new content areas and learn about investing skills.

Members of the club will collaborate effectively with the rest of the members to develop an investing style that suits the entirety of the group. In the middle to later stages of the club, students will perform investment transactions with the team, analyze the success or failure of the team portfolio, and apply what they learned for future investments. Paris hopes to recruit many bright and inspiring students so they can sustain a club with opportunities that allow students to gain insight into the stock market.

Middle School Girls Soccer

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Top Row: Lyric Collentine, Kadence O’Keefe, Victoria Bargellini, Eva Matthis, Abbie Bullock, Addison Schell, Harper Gritti, Sydney Goethner, Coach Tanya Adorno

Bottom Row: Maya Krett, Emily Illescas, Helena Altschul, Sarah Moon, Sarah Low, Lizbeth Machicela

The middle school girls soccer team had a fantastic Fall season with fourteen student-athletes making the commitment to participate. The team was composed of players with a variety of experiences from brand new to those that began in elementary school. Our team transformed over the course of the season improving individually and collectively. Our individual fundamental skills of dribbling, passing, receiving, and shooting started to show in our games against our opponents and even resulted in goals being scored in the last five games. Perhaps the most important story about this team has been their perseverance, collaboration, and teamwork. Regardless of the opponent or the situations they faced, these student-athletes worked their hardest every minute of every game and supported each other always. Congratulations Spartans!

Unity Day

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Students, teachers and support staff at Burnham School wore orange to show their support for togetherness, acceptance and inclusion on Unity Day, which is the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month and has been celebrated since 2011.

Fliers & Upcoming Events

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Region 12 Calendar

November 1 - BOE/Long Range Planning Committee Meeting, SVS, 6pm

November 1 - Board of Education Meeting, SVS, 7pm

November 2 - Professional Development Day - No School For Students

November 3 - Picture Day, Burnham School

November 6 - Parent Coffee with the Principal, SVS, 9am

November 8 - PTO Meeting, Burnham School, 3:30pm

November 11 - Veteran's Day - No School

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