Come settle in Texas

Land for sale

Land description-

Rare, rich soil, which is good for farming. Large, wide open area with plenty of space. Plenty of grass, with a few fully grown trees. The soil is good for planting seeds, and the grass is fresh and organic. Plenty of space to build structures over, and a good habitat for farm animals. There are harshly any oasis sources, as of a few ponds.


Pricing for this land comes from about $12.5 for 80 acres of land. The majority of the land includes the rich soil.

come settle in texas!

Texas is a huge state located South of the United States, and includes the highly best place to live!

Texas has loads of land which is good for living on, as of building structures like homes and farms. If building a farm, it's probably best to build on a land, which mainly has rich soil.

Texas is a place full of wildlife and livestock, as of cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, and many more. It also includes a variety of plants and plenty of wheat for making bread, and feeding to livestock.

the cost of texas-

Living in Texas, and having everything you need to live is all at a good price.

Food, as of bread, meat, cheese, eggs, and drinks as of milk, can be done yourself with your livestock, or bought for $2. Materials for clothing as of leather, and wool, are $3.

The livestock its self, go on the price of $6. This included the price of cattle, horses, and sheep. Goats, pigs, and chickens are $5 for each livestock animal.