Kevin Olivas


airfare cost and schedule

My reserved private flight to Dubai, United Arab Emirates from Denver, Colorado will give me a large total of $31658 for each person so about $63317. I know you all think it cost a lot But its a first class flight so bottom ups.It has 2 stops which are first Chicago,Illinois the at London,England .It will take me 26 hr and 15 min to get their. For the cost of food at the stops is about $150.I did find a flight $8809 per person so $17619 but it is not a private,to:Dubai,%20United%20Arab%20Emirates%20(DXB-All%20Airports),departure:04/24/2014TANYT&leg2=from:Dubai,%20United%20Arab%20Emirates%20(DXBAll%20Airports),to:DEN,departure:05/03/2014TANYT&passengers=children:0,adults:2,seniors:0,infantinlap:Y&mode=search


When staying in Dubai I will take private transportation to my hotel reservations in a three star hotel in the Jumeirah Royal Residence in Dubai (Palm Jumeirah).Imagine taking a dip in a amazingly huge,cool and making the biggest cannon ball ever for a cost of $6262 nightly. So the the icredable price for nightly is $56358 .The hotel is amazing it has so many amazing features like a spa, a weight room, and extremely comfortable beds.It also gives me limo rides and currency exchange.I did find a hotel for $306 but it didn't have as much activities as the one I choosed.,Dubai,United-Arab-Emirates-c6080-h443860-details/2014-04-24/2014-05-03/2guests/expanded/#overview


While in Dubai I will be doing many intense activities like hot air balloon expedition which test my fear of heights at 1000 ft above ground, just kidding there is no way I would do that if I had a phobia. If I do ride the hot air balloon it will charge me $277 for 4 hours in a hot air balloon that can carry a max of 24 people.Next I would go to a private 4x4 adventure safari including sand boarding. It will cost me $56 for a family. It will be an awesome safari but I'am really exited for the sand boarding because it is like a rush of adrenaline flowing through you while you hit slopes like a boss with the soft material hitting your legs.Finally I will do a helicopter flight in Dubai which will give me a great spectacle of the city. It will give me a total $220 per person which is $440. It will be a 15 to 25 minute flight.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

A problems that I will be facing on my trip to Dubai will be learn their main language Arabic because I might have to ask people in the country for help like getting places or buying things.How i will learn the language is by ordering books online which will cost me $80 but I will have to study them over and over to get the hang of it.

Next I will have to get use to the extreamly hot boiling temperatures over there that reach up to 120.2 degrees fahrenheit in July. I will get use to the temperature over at Dubai by heading to places the get high temperatures.


Even though I wanted to visit many places I decide to visit Dubai, United Arab Emirates for many reasons like the people, the language, the activities (which were the best!) and the awesome hotel I got to stay in. I got to try new things every day I was there. I choose to take private transportation because the nicer the better and I didn't want to be disturbed while I go sightseeing.I loved Dubai because no matter where you are there is an adventure to do.