Mammoth Cave's Great Wonders

by: Mackenzie,Haley,and Seth

The facts!

Mammoth Cave Park System was established in 1941. It is located in the central part of Kentucky. It is 14,000 thousand years old. It is made up of crystal, gypsum, limestone and stone. It is 312km long or 194miles. The constant temperature is 54 degrees. All together the whole park is 52,830 acres. It is the largest cave in the world.

Mammoth Cave Prossesses

The cave is 340 miles underground. A man named Stephen Bishop was a slave guide, which made the attraction blossom. The cave is formed by dripping water. The miners dug into making the caves entance, that slowly expanded. Rain produces acid that ate away the limestone over time. Mammoth Cave has no boundaries near it.


One famous group of younge adults from(LeGrande school). The cave does NOT have a nickname. It's the only Mammoth Cave in the world. It has more than 200 different species of birds. 2 millon visitors go to the park every year. Cave City is the biggest city around it.


To us Mammoth Cave in the future will be filled with litter and trash since the future may be filled with lazy or un-healthy people. The cave will be broken down and weeds will be everywhere. The roots will slowly break down the cave and will soon collaps some day. Also people could not enter for fear of danger. Over time the water will decompose the rocks and it will break down and it will cave in. Once it caves in its no longer able to go into it.

Scary Story Facts

During the 1800's Mammoth Cave served as a tuberculosis hospital, and visitors can see remains of the Consumptive Cabins where patients stayed. Outside one of the Consumptive Cabins is a slab of stone and it's called Corpse Rock where the dead bodies laid before burial. Some people have heard a phantom coughing.