Mrs. Coleman Weekly News!

April 27-May 1!

We were so thankful for nice weather the day of our trip! Everyone enjoyed the farm tour, and learning how a traditional farm operates. They all really enjoyed pretending to plow the fields and actually "stomping the mud"! They were shocked they were actually allowed to run and jump on mud fields! :) The farm tour included a lesson on how plows are used, the history of plows, and the use of horses. They were able to see an actual plow that is pulled by horses. Even today Kline Creek uses the horse-pull plow to plow their fields to plant corn. They also learned how items travel from creek to lake to ocean and how important it is to keep our streams and rivers clean to protect animals. The guide went through a horse barn and explained the use and need of saddles. Everyone was very excited to see the horse stables and see how the farmer places a saddle on a horse. We also were able to see the chicken coop and bee barn. They went inside the chicken coop, and learned in the bee barn how important bees are to the environment. Everyone was excited to hold and pass real honeycombs and learn how bees pollinate flowers. It was a great trip!

Our Chicks!

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Friday, May 29th, 1-2pm

600 Courtyard Drive Saint Charles, IL, United States

Graduation will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room at St. Charles Chesterbrook! Please let me know how many people you plan on having attend so we can accommodate! Thanks!

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