Miguel Martinez

English 9 4*4 Final Exam

2.Dream Speech Revision

One day, I wish to travel the world and meet famous people. The reason is because, you get to explore new different cultures and food that you may have never knew existed. My dad he has went to china before, and he has tasted food that was good and also, has tasted food that was terrible. People who travel the world get to see how good everything could be and not every country is nasty or anything. Also, I would like to do something nobody else has ever done before like, build something that helps out the environment.

Another dream I would love to accomplish would be to become rich and be able to be known to everyone in some type of form. Last but not least, I would enjoy to start a family and be able to see my little girl or little boy grow up to be way more successful than I was when I was growing up have more than I had also, and not to make the same mistakes I made growing up to become an adult.