Anzu wyliei

may he rest in peace

Moya Carter T4
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Remember our friend

Anzu wyliei ( Chicken From Hell)

Lived 68 to 66 million years ago

Cretaceous period Mesozoic era.

Preferring humid and wet conditions the Anzu wyliei made his home around what would now be North and South Dakota. Along with enjoying humidity he had lot’s of other strange attributes that we all loved and remembered him for. He had a long crest on the top of his head like a chicken, hence the nickname Chicken From Hell.He stood 5 feet tall and was 10 to 11 feet long. He had a long sharp beak that could cut up his food. Since he was an omnivore he ate both meat and plants. Overall he looked a bit like a very large flightless bird.
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Mr. wyliei looked very menacing to smaller creatures at the time. But he mostly used his scarier attributes to chase off any threats. He has a cousin from Asia Mr.Oviraptor who is very widely known for stealing eggs for food. Mr. wyliei lived near the end of the Dinosaurs age and was wiped out with the rest of them. His ancestors are no longer alive. We should still mourn for our lost friend The Chicken From hell.

Rest In Peace Anzu wyliei We Shall Mourn for You

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