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Week 31 News/Updates: "SPRING BREAK Rejuvenate!"

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Team Message:

Hello Team,

We made it with a smile! This week's newsletter will be short and sweet. As you read through the newsletter if any burning questions, comments, or wonderings pop up, reach out to Katrina or Krysten.

Curriculum and Instruction Updates and Reminders:


  • Teachers have updated pacing calendars for April and May! The expectation is that pacing calendars are printed and on hand everyday or posted in a visible easily accessible location.
  • You can expect at least 1 pacing check point in April! Reach out for support if you find yourself falling behind pace. TNReady Part 2 will be assessed the last week in April which means staying on pace and making smart adjustments according to data is imperative.
  • The expectation is that "guided notes" are being used in every Math class everyday! Unless testing is occurring. Make sure you plan accordingly and reach out to your peers, admin, or coach for support!
  • Be creative, use manipulatives to help build foundational concepts.
  • Most importantly make sure you are teaching to the rigor of each standard. Some standards assess procedure, some assess concept, some assess a student's ability to apply using real world scenarios, and some assess a combination of the 3. Avoid wasting instructional time by targeting these aspects of rigor. See myanet for additional support and reach out to Katrina, Krysten, or other school leaders!

Targeted Re-Teaching with a GROWTH or GRADE Level Focus:

  • Utilize your updated pacing calendars and the MAP RIT Band Resources provided at CPD to hone in on center activities, small group focus skills, intervention, tutoring, etc.
  • If you have been inconsistent with pulling small groups or making sure you incorporate targeted support to sub-groups of students, start now! Challenge yourself to meet the needs of EVERY STUDENT in your class over the next two months.
  • Make sure that do nows, center rotations, and guided math groups incorporate spiraled skills as well as current skills. #Connections #Connections #Connections Make sure students are making connections within skills and across skills!
  • Grade level curriculum zip folders include a variety of scaffolding resources that can also be used as spiral review resources.
  • CPD #3 Deliverables have been loaded to our team sharepoint page.

Spotlight: Exemplar Examples of March Pacing Calendars (Week 1 View)

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CPD #3 Highlights: Teamwork at it's FINEST and Anchors Away Winners

Getting Back to the Math: #TBT

Math Department Resource Hub on Sharepoint

This is a working hub that will evolve and grow throughout the school year. You will find both resources from Katrina and the C & I Team here.

3rd-5th Grade Math Resources and Curriculum 2015-2016 School Year direct link: (copy the whole link and paste it if it doesn't open) Math Additional Resources.aspx

Math Department Resource Hub on Sharepoint 2014-2015 School Year Direct Link:

Be on the look out for our FINAL Grade Level Challenge! Are you the next WINNER?