Tips for Surviving in the Wild

Great Tips That May Save your Life One Day

Tips for the Wild

1. Always prepare anything of use, like matches and extra food.

2. Know any information about plants or animals in the area.

3. Be able to protect yourself with a weapon of sorts.

4. Get to know the area you're going to. Any information is good information.

5. Be ready for life or death situations. They may likely occur in a survival situation.

More Tips For Surviving in the Wild!

1. Do not grow fear or panic. They are your worst enemies.
2. Always think of getting help and know how to get help.
3. Always treat any injuries you may have recieved. You never know how bad they are.
4. Know anything about your terrain as well. Like I said before, any information is good information.
5. Prepare before you leave home. You have to be ready for anything.

Always be careful in a survival situation. You never know what could happen.