Life Skills (FAC & FCC), PPCD & 18+

Monday, September 22, 2014

Introducing.......Some New Faces

Meghan Mikulka, PPCD @ EES (4yo)

Paraprofessionals: Deanna Carter

ext: 1331

Rosa Reese, FCC @ Neidig Elementary

Paraprofessionals: Claudia Argumedo & Cheryl Smith

ext: 1671

Codi Potter, FAC @ Neidig Elementary & Special Olympics Chair for EISD

Paraprofessionals: Amy McVay, Laura Candanosa, Joanne Starzec & Olivia Jaramillo

ext: 1670

Sarah Stone, FAC @ EMS

Paraprofessional: Vicki Rothrock

ext: 1596

Nancy Smith, FCC @ EHS

Paraprofessionals: Anthony Harper & Larcina Scott

ext: 1132

Gayle Rogstad, FAC @ EHS

Paraprofessional: Louis Villalobos

ext: 1171

Joette Pelliccia, 18+ Program: WIN

ext: 1069

She is housed @ the portables across from the flex campus


  • Create Monitor Lists in Eduphoria. These must be approved by your campus administrator, so let them know the request has been made by you. (Contact your campus technology coordinator, first, then the help desk).
  • All paperwork should have been distributed, electronically, to general education teachers, paraprofessionals & administrators, as applicable. (NEW BUNDLE***BOY Bundle for Admin w/BIP and Deliberations)
  • Case Manager Form (see livebinder) upadates can be sent to Polly as needed.
  • Are there any bundles that you would like to see? Let Polly know!
  • SAMA Dates: Initial Cert: October 7&8. Recertification: October 6th @ Region 13 or A free training in district: October 13th for recertification and Oct 14-15 for initial training. Both of these trainings are at EMS in the library classroom from 8-4. Please register in Eduphoria.
  • Autism Training for Special Ed & General Ed. Teachers are available online for FREE through Region 13. Please register if you are working with a student(s) with AU.
  • Do you have your schedules posted for staff and students?
  • Does your class have a common language?
  • Do you know what your students love and hate? Would I?
  • Sign in sheets for service providers should be accessible and available
  • SHARS/SMART are you entering your info? You should!
  • AGC: Access to General Curriculum is a guarantee we make to our students. Need help in seeing it? TEA/STAAR ALT Vertical Alignment
  • Next month's job alike will be at Neidig Elementary, October 16 @ 4:00 pm
  • Sped HOOT! More to come.....

What's New?

Parent contact documentation is now available in eSped.

  • Only case managers and above have access to these screens
  • Please report in a professional/factual manner
  • Very beneficial for district personnel and persons conducting ARDs
  • This is a very good record of contact we have made with the parents in regards to the student's education, behavior, etc.
  • This record will follow the student throughout their EISD education as documented in eSPed
eSped Documentation
  • Archive Folders are now available to better organize our archived documents. *More to come through a pop-up PD
  • Active vs. Draft is in full effect

Polly's Tech Picks!


Penultimate is a great way to document on different classes, students, etc. There is a feature that enables you to take pictures of students work, and the capability to write on the picture you have taken. The downfall of this app may be that you are only able to write by using a stylus....(a finger works too!) :) But the notebook you set up can be emailed as a PDF and shared. Once you use it, I think that it will become one of your staples in writing anecdotal notes, taking photos of students' work or basic documentation. The main benefit is that it is all electronic! This app works in conjunction with Evernote and is also linked to that app by your account.


Evernote works in conjunction with Penultimate. You will be able to view all of your journals (alphabetical order), create checklists, and save any other important data. It also works with your outlook calendar and will alllow you to set up reminders. You can share reminders with a co-worker or team with ease. It's a great place for me to make checklists and even to store new ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions??????

1. What is the difference between an IPI (Intensive Plan of Instruction) & AIP (Accelerated Instruction Plan)?

AIP/IPI Flow Chart

2. What is the live binder address?

Littlefield's Legal Lowdown

Please remember to stick to the service minutes when scheduling and the FIE when determining a student's service minutes in the ARD. After reviewing your service schedule to your students, I am noticing a lot of areas that are NOT typically served by special education. A couple of reminders when making your schedules for the school day and the student's schedule of services in the ARD:

  1. Resource is a service not a placement. It can occur any place, even concurrent with another student's inclusion time.
  2. Resource service can also be combined across grade levels, ie: 3rd,4th, & 5th Reading Resource, in the Resource classroom. Or offer your reading time from 9:00-11:00 AM and cycle students through accordingly.
  3. Please verify that if you are servicing a student in an area like science or social studies it is to support their reading minutes and not additional time given to that student. Over servicing students is as out of compliance as under servicing them.