Women who made the american symbol

The women who created the american flag

Betsy rose

This name ring a bell to you. well if it didn't she might be one of the most important person in the rode to independence.Besty Ross was a Philadelphia seamstress who was a friend of George Washington, She was the women who created our most well known american symbol, the American flag. It didn't start with the great one you see know it went through many diffrent forms.

The others who helped

Besty Ross did not make the flag all by her self she had some help form 3 more women Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom, Elizabeth Ashuburn, and Elizabeth Claypoole.

when the flag got its place

The American flag was approved by congress on june 14, 1777. That flag was not our traditional 50 star flag. The first flag only had 13 stars, can you guess why? There was 13 colonies not 50 states.
the timeline of our american flag

the time line of our american flag and how it made it here.

Our first thought of american flag

Before we had the american flag we would use the good old british flag, but close to our independence we needed our own symbol of america. that is when our american flag had 13 stars in a round shape for the 13 colonies, but it wasn't always the 13 stared flag. In 1777 we had a flag were the stars look like this...

The unofficial flags of america!!!

We had many different flags that we used in america there were no official way to arranged the 13 stars on the flag. Like the one above there way also this one which was used by the "Third Maryland Regiment".

The Serapis flag

Created by John Paul Jones in 1779

The Guilford flag

Created in 1781

The Revolutionary War ended in 1781

many more flags were created after the war ended until 1960 when our 50 stared flag got placed as the American flag.