Patriot Press

January 1-January 31, 2020 - Volume 1 Edition 5

Big picture


Who wants to come in last place? Who wants to fail? Who wants to be known for negativity? I hope your response to each question was, "NO ONE!" I do not know many people who strive for shame and disappointment.

Given this, our goal is to be "THAT" SCHOOL. There are distinct differences between "THAT" school and "THAT" SCHOOL.

At "THAT" school:

  • Attendance is LOW.
  • Discipline is HIGH.
  • Students don't care about school.
  • Parents aren't as involved.
  • Students are not in class.

On the other hand, at "THAT" SCHOOL:

  • Scholars come to school on time AND remain in their classes the FULL period.
  • Teachers ensure their scholars learn.
  • Parents are in constant communication with their scholar's teachers.
  • They celebrate the small wins.
  • Everyone KNOWS they have potential.
  • There is an "I CAN DO IT" mentality.

As we begin this semester, I challenge you to champion our efforts to be "THAT" SCHOOL!

I challenge you to:

  • Make sure your scholar arrives to school on time, every day!
  • Talk with your scholar about remaining in class for the FULL period.
  • Check your scholar's planner to see what happened or will happen at school.
  • Contact your scholar's teacher when grades are not posted.
  • Attend school events; such as, parent meetings, STAAR Nights, and parent conferences.
  • Speak positivity into your scholar. Let them know they have what it takes to reach their potential.
  • Remind your scholar to benefit from after school and Saturday School tutorial sessions.
  • Let us know how we can better support and serve you and your scholar.

By all of us working together, we CAN and we WILL defy the odds. There are many naysayers out there, and we CANNOT afford to be one of them. Our scholars deserve the best EVERY DAY from their principal, assistant principal, teachers, support staff, classmates, and YOU!

Thank you for partnering with us and championing our efforts to be "THAT" SCHOOL!

Remember, "We are BMS... Brave. Motivated. Successful. AND We are #UNSTOPPABLE!"

Dr. H.P. Hyder, III

Your PROUD Patriot Principal

"January Happenings @ BMS"

Week of January 6th

  • 6 - Teacher Workday
  • 7 - 1st Day of the 2nd Semester
  • 8 - 8th Grade Student Success Initiative (SSI) Parent Meeting @ 6 pm
  • 8 - Report Card Distribution Night @ 6:30 pm
  • 9 - Spelling Bee @ 6 pm

Week of January 13th

  • 13 - Middle of the Year (MOY) MAP Testing Begins
  • 16 - "Get the Scoop" Day @ 9:30 am-10:45 am
  • 17 - District Science Fair @ Bammel MS

Week of January 20th

  • 20 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday - No School
  • 23 - "Get the Scoop" Day @ 9:30 am-10:45 am
  • 24 - Progress Report Grades Cut-off
  • 25 - SWAG Saturday School (Math and Science) @ 8 am-12 pm

Week of January 27th

  • 27 - Mariposa Visit @ 5 pm
  • 30 - Progress Reports Go Home
  • 30 - "Get the Scoop" Day @ 6 pm-7:30 pm
  • 31 - Middle of the Year (MOY) MAP Testing Ends


Building Students' Note-taking Skills:

AVID’s focused note-taking process has five phases:

  • Taking notes
  • Processing notes
  • Connecting Thinking
  • Summarizing and Reflecting on Learning
  • Applying Learning

It is important to note that applying learning is the last phase of the process. It is essential that it informs the first phase, as the note-taking format should be shaped by the note-taking purpose. When this is done, note-taking becomes a powerful and portable learning tool your student can carry with them throughout their educational experience.

Patriot and Lady Patriot Basketball Games

9 - GBB vs. Wells MS @ Bammel MS

15 - BBB vs. Wells MS @ Wells MS

16 - GBB vs. Springwoods Village MS @ Springwoods Village MS

22 - BBB vs. Springwoods Village MS @ Bammel MS

23 - GBB vs. Knox Jr. High @ Knox Jr. High

29 - BBB vs. TBD @ TBD

30 - GBB vs. Dueitt MS @ Bammel MS

31 - 7th and 8th Grade GBB Tournament

Performing and Visual Arts Events

17 - Choir Region Clinic and Concert

18 - Choir Region Clinic and Concert

"Connecting with the Counselors"

We Miss Our Patriots When They’re Absent!

Being in school all day, every day, helps your child get the most out of middle school.

Encourage good attendance with these ideas:

  • Point out that there is no substitute for being in class. Your scholar needs to be present to hear teachers explain concepts, to participate in group projects, class discussions, and to ask questions.

  • Schedule doctor, dentist, and orthodontist appointments for before or after school hours whenever possible. If you cannot, try to arrange them for lunchtime.

  • It will be easier for your child to get up on time for school if they have had at least nine hours of sleep. Set a reasonable bedtime, and make sure they put away electronic devices so they are not tempted to stay awake to read messages or play games.

Make attendance count for your scholar. We miss our Patriots when they’re not in class.

For information about how to reach your scholar's counselor, please see below:

January Revada, 6th grade counselor -

Sherra Branch, 7th grade counselor -

Ursula Saulsberry, 8th grade counselor/lead counselor -

Interact - A Community Service Organization

Interact is a community service organization brought to our campus by Jarrod Collins, assistant principal. It focuses on providing opportunities for our scholars to positively engaged with the community.

Most recently, our Interact scholars performed community service at the Target Hunger distribution center. They also served dinner to the residents at Mariposa Apartments during the Winter Break. It is great to see our scholars giving back to the community and learning how giving is better than receiving.

For more information about how your scholar can get involved, or to share possible engagement opportunities, please reach out to Mr. Collins at

Patriot Principles

  • Doors open @ 8:15 am for car riders and walkers.
  • All scholars MUST go through the metal detectors daily.
  • All scholars MUST adhere to dress code daily - Khaki, blue, or black pants (NO jeans), polo shirt - Red (6th Grade), Blue (7th Grade), and White (8th Grade), clear or mesh backpack, cell phones OFF during instructional day, NO hoodies!
  • Breakfast is served from 8:25 am - 8:55 am.
  • All scholars are greeted at Threshold by every teacher!
  • Dismissal begins @ 4:15 pm.

Patriot Parents Points of Pride


President - Shameka Brown

Vice President - Lisa Wilson

Secretary - Vacant

Treasurer - Diane Moore

If you are interested in joining our PTO, please contact Ms. Branch at

Monthly Quote

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

– Joshua J. Marine

Bammel Middle School

"We are BMS... Brave. Motivated. Successful."