Book Bytes

Glenwood Library

2nd Quarter Report-2013

Circulation Statistics & Teacher Requests

Total Checkouts: 5,996 (-1,982 books or down 33% from last quarter - could be due to no circulation during the two weeks of book fair)

Teacher Requests: 35 (same as last quarter)

Library Classes

  • Review check-out procedures and how to use a shelf marker
  • Review book care and parts of a book
  • Seasons
  • Literary elements (characters, setting, beginning/middle/end)
  • Sequencing
  • Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

1st Grade
  • Review book care and choosing a "just right book"
  • Fiction vs. Nonfiction
  • Sequencing
  • Families
  • Money
  • Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

2nd Grade
  • Review book care
  • Alphabetical order
  • Fiction vs. nonfiction
  • Nonfiction text features (index, table of contents, glossary) and usage

3rd Grade
  • OPAC (Online Catalog) introduction and group work
  • Genre introduction

4th Grade
  • Nonfiction text features (table of contents, glossary, index) and usage
  • Primary & Secondary source introduction
  • Internet safety

5th Grade
  • Dictionary skills (guide words & multiple definitions)
  • Alphabetical order
  • Genre introduction
  • INFOhio resources
  • Native American research (social studies collaboration)

6th Grade
  • Review OPAC and nonfiction book arrangement by playing Cafe Dewey
  • INFOhio resources

Teacher Collaboration: 5th Grade

The 5th grade team worked on a Native American unit this quarter and involved the library in the process.

While in the library, the students learned about the importance of finding reliable information online as well as several great resources available to them for research, including the databases through They were also given time to work on their research and develop good note-taking skills.

Students even displayed their Native American home constructions on the tops of the library shelves for the whole school to see. This was a great conversation starter for all the grades about the research process and what other students in the school are doing.

Scholastic Book Fair: November 1st-8th

  • Theme: All-Star Book Fair: Where Every Reader is a Star!
  • All-Star Volunteers: 21 total, including moms, dads, grandparents, and staff members (+4 or 24% increase from last year)
  • Total Sales: $5742.32 (-446.31 or 8% decrease from last year)
  • Profit: $1141.54 in Scholastic Dollars, $864.81 cash profit to be spent on other book vendors

Professional Development: Media Specialists Day at the Toledo Lucas County Library

  • Toledo-area networking opportunities
  • Collection development ideas
  • Database and other subscription resources available through website

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!