The Anander Corral

Week of March 21st - 25th, 2016

Our Cowhand This Week!

Is Amelia Halford! Amelia may bring a show and tell item this Friday!

Amelia made me this St. Patrick's Day hat! :)

Here is what we are learning this week....

Spelling and Phonics Pattern: Bossy R words- OR ELACC1RF2AD, ELACC1RF3A-F – Applies Phonics and words analysis skills to decode unfamiliar words

Grammar: table of contents, glossary and dictionary


Uses reference materials and text features to locate key information and determine the meaning of words in a text.

Math: Time

MCC1..MD.3-Tells and writes time

Science: Plants and Animals

Dear Parents,

EGG HUNT! This Friday, March 25th. Our Room Mom, Megan Boire, has volunteered to purchase plastic eggs and treats. Please send in a $1 to $3 donation and she will do all the shopping! :) We are going to place math problems in the eggs. The kids will complete the math problems and then receive that amount of play money to spend at our Easter Bunny Shopping Store! We will begin around 12:30pm if you would like to join us!

We will have a STEAM night

March 31st. Come and enjoy the activities. More information to come.

Send in Box Tops!! We are also collecting labels for education too. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call or e-mail me.

Here are some upcoming events....

March 31st- STEAM night

April 4th-8th- Spring Break - no school.

Enjoy this beautiful spring weather!