I love playing video games and Comics, Art.

I like learning about stuff I like. I am a really funny, well if you know me really well then yes and I'm nice. Video games are what I care about most, people say video games ruin lives or if you play too much you have no life. I don't believe that video games was there when I was bored, lonely, or just wanted to have fun. Art i am really good at it and it's what i want to do as a career but involves Video Games of course.


I am a full Mexican. People mistake me as white cause I'm light skinned and my accent faded away.


Identity Part 2

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Sir Toby is the uncle of Olivia. He thinks he's a great man even when he's drunk. "Uncle, uncle, how are you already so brain-dead so early in the day?"

Gender pt 2

Toby is a male that experience his gender by drinking and dancing. They are forced to act like they mind their own business and talk about other things. He keeps on drinking when Olivia wants him to stop.


I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Sir Toby as a drunk that is a fool. They think he's a madman just for his drinking problem. "He’s a fool, a madman, and a drowned man. The first drink makes him a fool, the second makes him crazy, and the third drowns him." this quote is said by the Fool while talking with Olivia.

Similarities and Differences

Sir Toby loves to have a great time and for me I just like to have fun or do stuff that's interesting. He is a Male just like me. A difference is that Toby and drinks some of the stuff he does i don't do or haven't done.