The Beginning of the Typewriter


Background of the First Commercially Successful Typewriter

The typewriter was an invention that many people and groups contributed to. To make it what it is today. But the men who got all the glory were Christopher Sholes, Carlos Glidden, and Samuel Soule, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They got the keys from a telegraph machine and modified them. A year from that they had made a model with full alphabet, numbers, and punctuation. This typewriter was different from the passed typewriters because Christopher Sholes had invented the QWERTY board. He did so because if the letters are in alphabetical that would make the typewriter hammers collide. The hammers are pressed against a ribbon with ink, so that the letters and numbers can appear in black on the paper.

Now and Then

Back then it would help because then you wouldn't have to write everything by hand. But now it is the QWERTY board that has been evoloved into keyboards on laptops and keyboards for computers.


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