Bengal Library Lines

June 2013


I was delighted to meet all of you at our first faculty meeting, and I'm looking forward to a great year! I will be getting my library web-page up and running after my professional development next week. Be sure to visit there if you have a particular book title you'd like added to our collection, or you can email me if that is easier for you. I will do my best to get it!


Change Teacher Webpage to Bernshausen

Changing Your User Profile - This will take you off your old campus and add you to the Bernshausen campus. You may want to wait until the beginning of summer.

Log on to netStart.

1) Use drop down menu (top right) and choose Change Your Account Information.
2) Look over fields for any changes needed. Make sure your title is selected. (Change Campus and Grade/Department)
3) Click Save Changes.
4) Close Browser.

If you need more help, email me and I'll send you a PDF with screen shots. We will have training on the new netStart during our teacher in-service days.