Tuesday, December 16

Progress Reports and Translation

Here's the News

Salvete, Omnes!

Good job working today! Some of you heeded my advice and really churned out the work. I am impressed by all of you who are already well into Chapter 17. Keep it up!

In addition, you are doing a really good job of communicating. Just remember, you only have to inform me about finishing work if it has a zero. If it does not have a zero, I can see it! :)

Check below for some other reminders!


  • So today you need to focus on getting work done, passing work, and turning it in.
  • Many of you who need to work the most are not.
  • If I tell you to redo something you failed, it is not a suggestion. I may put it politely, but I expect you to redo it and to redo it fast.
  • I will be filing progress reports before 2pm.
  • I will have live class on Wednesday night at 7pm. I will be discussing anything you come to me with questions about.