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6th hour career develoopment

All About Me

I was born in Mountain Home, AR on July 29, 2002. At home I stay in my room and play video games all day, only coming out to eat or practice drumming. My family has a wide variety of people, you see, you have one side that is super Republican/Conservative and the other is super Democrat/Liberal and there is always drama in the family about politics (I am for one, neither). I have too many friends to count and they are all nice to me , but I have to say my two best friends are Cory Eheart, Ethan Spetnagel. I am interested in the fine art of music and play the guitar, drums, and piano. I am talented in the field of music, video games, and computers (the memory is large with this one). Weaknesses? HAH, I HAVE NONE! My career goals are to become a programmer and musician. My life goals are to have a family and have a good and steady income.

Self Esteem

The results of my self esteem were 89/100 (positive). These were my expected results and I don't think it should have been lower, nor higher. The results mean I have a positive outlook on life and do not let people not liking or accepting me get me down. There are multiple ways to keep your self esteem at a healthy level. Some of those ways include disregarding negative comments made about you and not letting that kind of stuff get to you. A key to staying positive is not hanging out or socializing with people who try to harm you and bring you down, and the type of media you consume can also affect your outlook on life.
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Attitude Test

I am considered a positive thinker based on my test scores. These results mean I have a good outlook on my life and my future. This does not surprise as I have always had a good outlook on my current and future life. Some have to try harder than I to be a positive thinker and I don't have to try really, but ways you can maintain it is hanging out with people who will encourage you to do better and not look down on you if you are not good at something. More ways to keep this attitude is to not be very hard on yourself, as that could lead to stress, which could lead to depression, which could lead to self hatred. Set your goals high, but not too high that you have to kill yourself just to get them done.
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Career Aptitude

The results I expected were at least something to do with programming -- and I was not disappointed... These results were both expected and not, as they had stuff like programming, but also stuff like a neurologist. In fact, everything on that list sounded like something I would be interested in. These generally do not apply to what I want to do after high school and college, but has opened me up to other jobs. This has made me confused about what I want to do after said things are over but for now I want to be a programmer. I believe these careers would be right for me.
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Learning Style

My learning style was auditory (learn from audio). These were not the results I expected. I think I learn best from a mix of visual and audio, and it said visual was my worst. Some characteristics of the learner include being able to learn through audio (duh), and not needing as much visual and tactile styles to get the subject. These results mean that I am a visual learner, which I do not believe is true. I do not tend to get things by hearing them, I have to see them as well which makes me question this tests accuracy. The only time I can learn through audio is when I play music.
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Personality Type

My personality type was Extravert, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving (ESFP). Extravert is when you are more focused with practical realities than inner thoughts and feelings, which can be said about me by many real world examples -- which is also what the E means. Sensing is paying attention to physical reality, usually sees the practical side of things and learns best by seeing how something works (also very true about me). Feeling is when you believe you can make the best decision by weighing out the odds and are concerned with values and what is best for people involved. Perceiving is when you rather perceive and adapt to the world rather than organize it, which is true on my part as I go along with what is happening usually. I do agree with my results as the description for ESFP goes along well with how I am.
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Brain Orientation

My results were fairly balanced but my left side exceeds my right. I did not expect any results as I had no knowledge of left or right thinkers. Some characteristics of that side are more logic based thinking and rationing over instinct and creativity. These results mean I am left brained and have more of the left characteristics than right. I do tend to go by these characteristics as I am not good at art (creativity) but I like math because it involves strategy and logic. I also ration my situations and apply logic to try to solve the problems rather than find creative ways to solve given problems.
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Personality Colour

My personality colour is blue, which means I am deep, comforting, emotional and naturally intuitive. This colour is pretty representing of my personality in my opinion, although I do not tend to be emotional and moody. This means I have the previously mentioned personality traits that correspond to the blue colour. I try to learn as much as I can about things that I am interested in and like to have deep conversation with people about them. The emotional part of the personality might be from me being clingy and passionate about certain subjects. I do believe I go along with the intuitive part, as from a young age I have caught on to things easily and at a fast rate.
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Career Interest Survey

  1. - Web and Digital communications
  • Information support and services
  • Planning
  • Programming and Software Development
  • Network Systems
  1. Programming and software development caught my attention as these are things I have always been interested in this subject and would like to do one of these in my future.
  2. 1.) Information Technology

2.) Information Technology

3.) Government and Public Administration

4.) Information Technology

5.) Information Technology

  1. Software Developers Graphic Design Computer programmers

Computer Network Architects

  1. People who work in this group of occupations communicate to others via the Web, DVDs, and other digital means. Some design the appearance of Web sites and digital products. Others prepare the graphics, videos, images, and audio that is included in those sites and products. Still others write the programs to bring all the pieces together into a product.
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Skills Confidence Survey

  1. Web and Digital Communications


Health, Safety, and Environmental Assurance

Network systems

Business Information Management

  1. All of these (except for Health, safety, and Environmental Assurance and Design/Pre-construction) are appealing to me as they have the use of the internet and technology to do the job.
  2. Web and Digital Communications is something out of the 5 that I am most interested in, although, none of these involve programming so I am not too interested in it.
  3. : Code information into computer language.

Develop and write computer programs.

Store, locate, and retrieve data, documents, and information.

Read and analyze project specifications and logical flowcharts to prepare for programming. Program web sites

: 65330

: 74280

: 8% increase in employment

  1. No results to display
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