By: Brianna Minnich


Who was the first person to discover Ecuador and how did they choose to run it?

In 1531 Francisco Pizarro landed on the coast of Ecuador on his way to Peru. But in 1534 the Spanish forces conquered Ecuador, making it part of the Spanish, Vice- royalty of Peru.


Are most people poor or rich and what kind of jobs do they have?

Most people in Ecuador live in poverty. Some jobs that Ecuador provides are exporting different products like bananas, cacao beans (mainly for cocoa), flowers( mainly roses), and shrimp. Most of these products farmed.


What kind of climate does Ecuador have and how does it affect the people who live there?

The climate in Ecuador is tropical along the coast, becoming cooler inland at higher elevations.Ecuador also has two seasons, wet and dry season. The wet season lasts January until May, and the dry season lasts June until December.


What kind of unique holidays does Ecuador celebrate?

One holiday that they celebrate in Ecuador is Dia los Muertos which means Day of the Dead. This is when the spirits of the dead visit their families. Another holiday that the people of Ecuador celebrates is the Feast of San Juan on June 24. This is where they celebrate The Christian, Prophet john, the baptist. This event takes place on the summer solstice.(The longest day of the year)

Ecuador's flag

This is what Ecuador's flag looks like.
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