Memory Problems?

Try these tips and tricks to help improve your memory

Do you have trouble memorizing or remembering facts and information

Many people have these problems, especially those who are in school. You get loaded down with hundreds of facts and details daily and are expected to retain and remember these facts for tests tat may be weeks away. Given these facts it isn't hard at all to see how students have a hard time remembering things.

LIsted below are some ideas to help you improve the amount of things that you are able to remember and use when that test comes around

  1. Focus. paying more attention is the easiest thing that you can do
  2. Make a set study period for each day, don't cram all of your studying in the last night
  3. Keep all of the information in an organized way. Use structured list and paragraphs
  4. Make different ways to remember the information ie. songs or acronyms
  5. Don't simply read the information visualize the information in your head and make connections
  6. Try helping a friend learn the information, explaining the inforamtion can help you to make the transition from short to long term memory
  7. Be sure to get plenty of sleep. If you are having trouble learning something then don't stare at it for hours try doing something else or go to sleep and try again when you wake up