British Imperialism

A country hungry for power

By: Sammy Dickison, Brittney Kincaid, Nate Cunningham.

Background of Britain imperialism

Britain has imperialized countries and regions all over the world. Southern and Northern Africa, Australia, China, and New Zealand. All of our world’s leading countries today have been imperialized by Great Britain in the past. It changed many traditions, lifestyles, economies, and even clothing. Despite all of it’s flaws, the British era of imperialism did have many advantages to it.


Africa was a major country imperialized by Europe. Britain was motivated for three specific reasons: Economic, political, and social problems. Britain, and Europe in general needed money and land. The best way to obtain raw materials while getting land a the same time was imperialism other countries.


Another major country that was imperialized by Britain was China. Britain had a high demand for tea, silk, and porcelain. Britain used imperialization because they did not have the sufficient amount of silver to buy the items from China.

Who, What, When, Where, And Why?


Britain/Europe took over many different countries during the 19th century.


Britain used military forced to take over countries like Africa, China, and New Zeland.


European imperialization mainly took place during the 19th century.


European imperialization took place all over the world.


Europe was in desperate need of land and raw materials to sell.