REID at Rees

Mrs. Garcia Room #402

Duties include:

  • Assess, identify and provide intervention to students with dyslexia
  • Facilitate the STAT/RTI process with Campus STAT/RTI Team
  • Support academic and/or behavior interventions for TIER III students

Students that are struggling in class

What do I do first?

  • First line of instruction/ Bag of Tricks
  • Address concerns with Team Leader
  • Bring concerns to Content Specialists
  • Bring concerns to interventionists
  • Any further questions to Mrs. Garcia (room #402). Please email me any concerns and I will set up a conference with you to discuss.

STAT Meetings

Our campus will have STAT meetings on a monthly basis. We will let you know 2 weeks ahead of time when the next STAT meeting is.

Students that are selected to go through STAT need a folder. Documents to complete are available with Mrs. Garcia or you can click on the links below for the basic documents:


Please come by, email me or call me at extension #313 to discuss any academic or behavioral concerns for your students.

Let's Go Over Some Acronyms!

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