By: Michael Northrop

What would you do?

These kids still at school are put in a terrible position.

None of them would of ever have guessed this would be something they go through!

Main Characters

Main Character is Scotty but he also has a couple of pals who are Pete and Jason.

Scotty really likes to play basketball and hang with his friends. In this book he gets to do more than just hang with his friends though. Pete and Jason are the kind of guys that like to work in the shop. As it shows because they stayed after school on a blizzard to work on a go-kart.

What Happens

In the book Trapped there are three boys that want to stay after school to work on there go-kart. When the announcement came that they were getting out of school early these guys didn't care. This was a bad mistake.

These guys Pete, Jason and Scotty end up getting stuck at school in a blizzard that went on for a week. Luckily they were not the only ones that had been waiting for a ride.

This book goes through the way they survived. Sadly to say though not everyone survives.

Would I Suggest it?

I would suggest this book to anyone that would like a suspenseful read. I was able to sort of connect to the book because we have had a big snow storm before to.