Example Project


Age 9

  • 3 people in her family (mom, dad, and herself)
  • Emily is very outgoing, generous, and musically inclined
  • Receiving good care


Age 8

  • 2 people in family (mom & himself)
  • Very timid, kind, very intelligent
  • Receiving bad care

Scenario 1: Emily

Emily played in a piano recital and missed one of the keys in a chord. She was very upset even though the audience didn't notice. She wanted to quit playing piano, but her mother and father were very supportive and so she continued to play and get better.

Scenario 1: Gabe

Gabe was in his school spelling bee and was in the top 3. His mother said she didn't want to waste time watching him spell. He was deeply shaken and missed the first word he was given and is now failing his spelling tests.


Emily will probably thrive as an adult. She has been supported by her family and will probably have quite a future with her piano.

Gabe has been verbally and emotionally abused by his mother. She doesn't ever have time for things that are important to him. He is deeply shaken and has many trust issues. He will probably not be very successful in career life or social life.