boy wanted for murder

creepy old candy shop lady gets shocked

two days ago there was three boys who went to are candy shop and they didnt like the creepy shop owner,and than they went to school and the hole under the floor borads is there place for lollies and stuff they hide it there from teachers.There they saw are mouse under the floor borads and one boy said put it in the lollie jar at the candy shop,Than they went to the candy shop and asked for lollies so the creeepy candy shop owner goes to the back so when she was, one kid put the mouse in the gobbstopper jar then they left with the lollies.The next day they walked to school and they saw the candy shop closed and they said its never closed and than they looked in and the jar with the mouse was on the floor and. Than the kid which is roald dahl and he said did i murder her am i are 8 year old murder.

the cane time

Well this was only should be are funny joke but it went wrong because the creepy old candy shop owner neary had a heart attack but i got the cane with my friends