A novel, A Reveloution, A Life

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When the Detergent is feared, only one can Prevail

The Story Line...

It all began when she had to choose, laundringation. Dauntlice. Erishirt. Can'tdry. Amity. Which one and when. Will it all be too late?

The Choosing...

When she chooses she goes. This is her new home, but is it HOME?

"I like dauntlice, but I don’t fit in with any one which one? Which one? Which one?"


Dauntlice isn't what trix imagined at all.

“There isn't one so get used to it, it will be this way in battle...”

When things don't work out

Just when things are settling down, she wakes up to find her memory, erased, or her Mom says so at least so she stabs her, and a bomb goes off.

"I grab the gun from her pocket and charge into the hospital wing, shooting everyone I see. BOOM! The bomb goes off. "