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Norfolk Junior High

By Savanna Korth

School Arguement

I believe that the school week should be shortened because if you had a ton of homework, you could go home a day early and work on what you need done. The extra time is for learning and studying more. About one to two hours would work out for the stuff you need done, and if the teachers allow you to, you could chat with friends a little longer. That’s why I think we should have at least four days of school and add one to two hours of school to the time.

Autobiography of Savanna

Savanna Korth turned 40, and stayed tall and skinny as she grew. She had no gray hair yet, which meant she still had brown locks of hair. When she was 21, she went to Norfolk High and signed up for the Volleyball team. She went to college at the University of Nebraska and majored in Secondary Education English. She worked at Hastings and only worked there on her free time. She worked at Hastings for four years. She even got married and had three children. She stayed in Norfolk and had a good career. She was an artist for her career. With the art she did, she made little video games characters and animated them so little and old kids could play. She had her youngest brother test out the games. She works on getting another degree. Once she gets enough money, she would travel to California, Nevada, and to Texas. She would visit all her family and friends and come back with a souvenir.

Jack and the Candle Stick Incident

On March 9th, 2013, at 12:35 P.M. a young boy named Jack Garcia was bored like any other child out where he lived. He lived in Georgia with his Grandma. He usually went to stay at his friend’s house, but decided to stay at his grandma's house. But after a while, he didn't want to sit there all day. He walked around in the dark and saw a gleaming light. He thought he could jump over it. He jumped over once, he was good, twice, still good, but the third time, he hit the candlestick with his barefoot and knocked it over. The candlestick was touching a curtain. Then a fire started. His grandma was at the late night market, so he escaped quickly through the window. That was the last time he saw his Grandma's house.


Out of all the animals that were extinct, some still live. There are animals out there right now dying by either hunger, thirst, or even care. Back then, when the dinosaurs were still alive, there came a meteor. The dinosaurs had no clue about it and became extinct. The pandas we have today are becoming extinct. They have less and less food to feed upon. They’re slowly dying out. Even the Dodo Bird had became extinct. Whales, cats, and bears are becoming extinct. The animals that are close to being extinct are called “Endangered Species.” If they die, all of the same species will never be seen again. Only their fossils will remain.

Movie Frozen

Movie Title Frozen

Intended Audience (Circle One): (G) PG PG-13

Your opinion of the movie (why did you like it?):

It’s a really heartwarming film with comedy, romance, and drama in it.

A girl with snow powers and another girl with memory loss. A girl and her sister who stayed in a castle and never went out until the day the doors open. They enjoyed the company until a marriage split them apart. Looking for her sister, she teams up with a man, his reindeer, and her dear snow-friend. On their adventure to find her sister, they meet up with unknown things. Will the marriage split them apart forever? We’ll find out soon.
Disney's FROZEN | First Look Trailer | Official Disney HD

Favorite App

Soundhound is my favorite app because it finds music you want to find. All you do is hold up the music you found, and if you can’t think of the title, the app will search for the song. You can even hum it or sing some of the lyrics. It’ll give you little demos on the music like playing some of the music, so you know if it’s the right song or not. It has a little button on the top that let’s you click it and it starts listening to the music. It’ll load some options of songs that it thinks you want. It says the creators of the songs and the title. So once you find the song, you can listen to it on YouTube later on. So that’s why SoundHound is my favorite app.